Saturday, May 25, 2013

Things I Learned This Week

1. I have this weird obsession with the Real Housewives of New Jersey. I could watch those episodes over and over and over and...

2. People who don't drink coffee concern me. When someone tells me they don't drink it, I begin to think there is something slightly off about them.. kind of like they are of a different culture and clearly would not have my back in a street fight. (Not that I would ever get into a street fight... but... you know..)

3. This single thing is sort of fun.. sort of scary... sort of crazy. I actually have a date tonight! Movie and conversation. He uses too, two, and too correctly. He passed the test. ;-) AND he seems very sweet. Something I rarely find attractive in a man. hahahhhaa... (Just looking back on past relationships..) No.. I'm not looking for anything. Just nice to have a date. (I'll keep you guys posted.) PS - He's VERY tall. 6'2. I'm 5'1/5'2ish. Hmmm..

4. Cats. Oh my children. I woke up yesterday with a cat's ass in my face and I have multiple kitty scratches on my left hand. I swear...  Just this morning, I woke up with the baby kitten (11 weeks old) running circles around my head... scampering across my chest.. then repeat. My hair is completely tangled... it's a mess.

5. Funny how my SWOT analysis became a workshop on how to become a kept woman. Apparently there are tons of rules for this: Keep your nail and hair up. Wear the heels in the kitchen. Be submissive in the bedroom. Oh Stephanie... you kill me. ;-)

6. Pertaining to number 5 - Never put 4 writers/marketing gurus and a psychology major in the same room. This equates to hours of relationship speculation and analysis.

7. Have you seen the Zesty Italian  commercials yet? OH MY. I laugh every time. Here is my favorite:

 8.My car is completely acting kooky. It has stalled twice. The EPC light is on. I'm terrified to drive it. Trying to hold out until payday.

9. I learned that I actually have a green thumb. (Well.. it's a beige thumb... but..) My peppers are sprouting. My lavender is blooming. The jasmine is in full bloom... the sweet mint is flourishing... I could go on and on... I am very proud. My tomato plant is growing tall. I assume I could try to make homemade salsa.

10. One word - Moscato. Oh how I have missed wine.

11. Did I mention I have a date tonight? lol

12. I don't think men should drink pink drinks. Period. (Watching the "Newly Wed" reality show. These guys were toasting before a wedding, and they were drinking pink drinks. Seriously?)

13. I tried cutting my kitten's fingernails - I got maybe 7 done. He flipped out. Maybe I will leave that to the professionals.

14. Speaking of number 13 - I think Zen kitty hates me now. Oops.

15. Blinds. In an apartment. Seem to be a romper room for cats. Omg.

16. Speaking of said cat - He's old enough to be neutered next weekend. I think I need to go ahead and set that up, before he gets to the mature stage and begins to mark territory.

17. I think I figure out how to keep the cats off of the dining room chairs. Yes... I'm a cat whisperer. Well.. drat.. there they go again!

18. BEACH. It's time, wouldn't you say?

19. Last night, I got to hang out (after the opening) for a little while with some crazy talented artists from Atlanta. I stood there listening to these people talk, the way they see the world... the talent.. the creativity... just unbelievable.

20. Finally... Did I mention I have a date? hahahhahaa...

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