Friday, October 14, 2011

One Week Down...

Okay, so you guys hung in there with me during this first tumultuous week, and I thank you. I woke up today, a little more rested, a little more hopeful, and just ready to get out there and make something happen.

Sooo.. I can figure in that in a bad situation, a stressful situation, it takes me a week to pull it together. Okay - got it for future reference.

If anything is to be learned from this experience, it's that your life really can change in an instant.

I'll never forget something this woman said at a homeless sheltor once. I was dropping off some clothes to donate, and being the curious cat/ex journalist that I am, I asked a simple question, "What type of situations do you commonly see that would cause a person to become homeless?" She simply stopped what she was doing, looked up at me, and gave me this "knowing grin," "Oh Nicole, we are all just one paycheck from being homeless."

That sort of shook me to the core. Because the truth is, if my family was not around, if I was not offered severance, I, too, could have ended up in a sheltor. It can happen that fast.

I am grateful for everyone's help. I truly am. Being unemployed is a bizarre place to be. It's hard. Could have been scary, but more so hard. In a couple of weeks, it will be 3 months - no job. I have been on 7 interviews. Made it all of the way to me and one other person... and I lost out each time. Maybe it was money. Maybe it was experience. But how scary is that for the college grad out there with absolutely no real life experience? You are going up against people like me, and others with at least 15 years experience and more.. It's a tough road.

My friend and I got to talking about what makes someone employable these days. I think it's learning a trade. I truly do. Now, that does not mean I want to go out and learn to draft, or plumb, or fix hair - it just means a techinical school may be the best solution for some people. I think someone with a techinical degree will get a job twice as fast as I can, and in time, earn enough to be competitive with those of us with a formal university degree. Though - that's just my opinion.

I am happy with the road I took. It works for my personality and my interests. Is there any need for someone like me here in Central Georgia? That remains to be seen.

Today I don't have a lot planned. I am going to run to Walgreens (my fave pharmacy) and pick up a few essentials, and possibly relax. Like I need any more relaxing! I do have plans to venture out tomorrow and meet up with some friends, and that I am very excited about. I think I will start the living part of this experience this weekend.

I finally got everything semi-organized in the living room. I know where everything is, I am even downsizing and taking some items back to storage. The sofa bed is sort of working out, and I kind of have a new morning routine. My dad and I actually sat and watched a James Bond movie while drinking our morning coffee. I think they are finally getting used to me now.

Money still scares me. I have to catch up from this move. There are some things looming, and it worries me. I'll try to just do my best, and make it all work out. Some how - some way.

Have a beautiful and restful Friday. I pray each of you finds a little relaxation and please, whatever you do, be oh so grateful for your jobs, and your homes, and whatever else that you have. You simply have no idea how bad it is on the other side.


songbyrd on the mountain said...

My husband is of the self-employed carpenter sector and whoa, this economy has given us a tumultuous ride and a new level of faith! Nicole, you are doing great. You are being honest with your struggles and I think that is so important. Too many of us try to act like everything is o.k. when in reality it wouldn't take much to make us crash. Thank you for daring to out yourself "out there" with all you are going through. You have courage and you are a survivor-- a victor! Blessings on you.

Leanne said...

I remember when I lost my job, our friend Bossy Betty told me that I had three days to wallow in it. That was it. I think moving home does allow you a little more time, so I'm good with the week thing. So glad you are feeling better . . . even if only a little better. I think making sure that you keep yourself busy is going to be key during this transitional period. So take advantage of doing 'things'. Hang in there . . . .thinking of you!!!


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