Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I'm still alive

I wish all I had to do was just breathe. Flash back 30 days ago, and I would have lived by that mantra. Now I  have to breathe, plan, strategize, oh yeah.. and let's not forget PACK.

I think tonight I will take a picture, just so you can see the freakin' chaos that I am surrounded by. It simply boggles the mind, how can I be packing sooo carefully, yet there are so many "loose" items just laying around. DRIVING. ME. INSANE.

Appropriately, as I opened up ITunes on my laptop, the first song that popped up was 'Alive' by Pearl Jam. I think this should be my theme song today.

Soo.. living room - DONE. Kitchen - almost done. Sun room, technically done.. still loose items. Bathroom 1/2 way done. Storage - done for now. Bedroom, 1/3 way done.

I have to run to a 1 hour lunch (down the street at Panera) with my Zumba instructor/friend - Cristina. Followed by, running back here and hopefully finishing up the details in at least a few of the rooms, and maybe get one last load of laundry done. THEN - my sweetest friend in the world, Laura, has offered to take a few "goodbye Birmingham pics" at a local garden with me.. and then we will go have my "goodbye" dinner party with friends at one of my favorite restaurants - Iguana Grill.


I'm still alive.


EmptyNester said...

This whole thing has weighed heavily on you, I know. But you'll be fine. You're a bright, strong young woman with an exciting future ahead. Just take it one day at a time. Like you've been doing. It will all come together.

Dizzy C said...

I have not been around much this last week, but have caught up on your posts.

One thing you can be sure of your blog and blog friends are still where ever you are at the click of a laptop.

Hope all goes well with the move.

carol x

TV's Take said...

Your doing it, your moving forward one box at a time, one minute at a time. Hang in there.


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