Saturday, October 8, 2011

Booooo-rific afternoon

Every Second Saturday in Gray, Georgia, there is a little sidewalk festival for the community. The whole idea is to get this commuter/suburban/rural community to "patron" their local businesses. The entire boost to the economy is the mastermind of Graystation Better Home Town - and my sister happens to be the Director of it.

In good sisterly fashion, I made a point to check it out. Was very cute. Since I am new to this smaller community, it gave me an opportunity to check out some places I was curious about. There was face painting, a big blow up jumpy thing, witchy ring toss, pumpkin patch to explore as well as pumpkin painting,  scary story telling, cupcake toss (of the police chief,) a fire engine to explore, pet portraits, and musical chairs for the kids. Oh wait - I forgot the hit of it all - the train for them to ride. The Humane Society, a jewelry designer, Body by Vi, Boiled Peanut vendor and a snow cone vendor were on hand...

Not to mention the stores offering a tons of discounts.
I, for one, was blown away by the sandwich I had at a little antique shop called, Treasures by the Tracks. I ordered a Roast Beef (hot) sandwich with melted provolone and horseradish sauce. Was. To. Die. For. Seriously. I have a feeling, the owners of this shop are going to become VERY familiar with me. If only they had wifi.....

I had a wonderful S'more cupcake by Halo Desserts. Might I just mention - I had one yesterday also. I was able to pick one up in the little cafe of Kema's Hobby Book store, where I was also able to snatch 2 fabulous books to relax with the next few days.

Also - I would be a miss not to mention the great bead/jewelry maker that custom made a pair of ear rings for me!!! I got to pick out the beads and less than 5 minutes later - Voila!

But let me just stop... and share the pics with you. If you happen to be looking for something random and kid friendly to do in middle Georgia.. pick a Second Saturday and head to Gray. I think you might find it just the perfect little afternoon  for the family.

This is the community of Gray.

I picked up 2 books and had a fabulous cup of free coffee just yesterday.

At the festival, she was running a special for her used books- the ones that were 99 cents, you could buy one get one free! Today, author Jaclyn Weldon White was on hand to sign her books.
 It's Kema's Hobby Book Store on Atlanta Road.

Those of you who know me, can only imagine how excited I was to see this in the window!

Behind the bookstore, you could play musical chairs or have your pet's portrait done.

 Jewelry by Sheryl Bright - Acorn Accessories
If you are interested in having her design a custom piece -

My beautiful ear rings!

Good to see those Dawgs versus those elephants and tigers!

My dad was the ring toss head. LOL


Laura said...

How great - these are the reasons I wish I lived in a really small town. What the heck are "boiled peanuts" anyway? Are they any good? They look soggy!!!!

Doris said...

haha, the treats looked deliciious; you look beautiful; your niece is adorable; your dad is a hoot; Gray looks tooooo cute; but Wonder Woman looks like Kirstie Alley to me, NOT Lynda Carter! But the poster is still FAB!

songbyrd on the mountain said...

loving the pictures, loving the small town connections. glad you got out and had an adventure. the cupcake looks to die for and the earrings are spectacular!

EmptyNester said...

I love little small town festivals like that! Glad you had a good day! My favorite picture? The last one! How cute!

scrapwordsmom said...

Looks like you are feeling better!!! What a wonderful day to forget your worries:)


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