Saturday, January 16, 2010

There has got to be something to write about today.

I have tried several times to write my daily entry in my blog.
I guess I am not very inspired or angry or annoyed or excited about anything. I am fairly balanced today.

Chemicals in check. LOL

I joke about that, because I bet - if given the opportunity - I bet a psychiatrist would jump on the opportunity to level my chemicals out with some serotonin re uptake inhibitors. But nooo.. I prefer to live naturally. ;-)

** please note - the above paragraph was sarcasm. Just in case you do not know me.

Today has been fairly uneventful - in a good way. It's cold. It's rainy.

I have an idea - here is a look at my day thus far:

9:02am - Woke up. No one in the bed. Decided to emerge from the bedroom.
9:05am - Proceed to the bathroom. Basic items: Use toilet, comb thru mop on head, take alpha beta blocker and diuretic, apply deodorant - screw taking a shower. I'm not going anywhere.
9:30am - make coffee. Cheap ass coffee. Bleh! Added cheap ass cinnamon vanilla creamer. Not great, did not even finish cup of coffe.
9:45am - Decided to make breakfast. Greek yogurt with S&P, cut up 1/2 a pear and had a handful of green seedless grapes.

10:15am - decided to check email - facebook - tried to come up with something to write. Failed.

10:45am - watched medical miracles on Discovery Channel on Demand. Learned about a 34 year old guy who died from a terrible infection from a spider bite. Learned about a woman with a massive tumor growing out of her neck and then saw the surgery. Decided that was gross. Turned off the tv.

Noon - bathroom break. Decided to change out of pjs - grabbed long sleeve black t-shirt from Old Navy and the Black Sweat Pants from old navy. Brushed teeth. Pulled hair into pony still. Look like crap - who cares?

12:15pm - chatted with Yasser. Ate 1/2 a brownie. Bad idea.

12:30pm - watched Fuse on demand. Decided to look up music on Youtube.

1:00pm - Discovered I could make a playlist on Vevo. Signed up- began the process.

1:20pm - decided to make the margarita pie I was going to take to Julie's. Julie called last night and said she has strep. Cancelled last night - but still wanted to have it for tonight.

1:45pm - decided to make Taco's tonight. Pulled out ground beef for thawing. (My one time this month to have red meat. ;-) )

2:15pm - finished playlist - decided to visit my blog.

And here I am.

A whole lot of nothing.

What is sad - you just read about it!


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