Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Patience. Patience. Patience.

I feel like this cat you see here. Sitting. Watching. Ready to pounce.

Sometimes people, places, or even events are the "mice" I might choose to "play with."

Sometimes these items are a bird that I like to chew up and spit out.

Sometimes, like all cats, I could care less and choose not to play.

Today - I chose not to play.

Emotional roller coasters are not my bag. Nor is drama from other people.

I say what I say. I do what I do. I could honestly care less what others think of me. Many of you reading this may have very strong opinions about me. That's okay. Really - it's your God given right.

I have strong opinions and I voice them - here. In my blog. It is my right - my 1st amendment right, to say as I please. If, by chance, I choose to "air" how I feel about a person, place or thing - it is rare that I would ever use names or places. I don't wish people any harm. Never. But sometimes, people - whether they realize it or not - do harm to others. And that's when my opinion may form.

Today my blog apparently hurt some one's feelings. No - it is not someone close. But this person, who does not even follow my blog, and obviously had to search to find me, read my blog. They confronted me.

I apologized and chose, out of respect for this person's hurt feelings, to delete the post.

I do not wish anyone harm. Never have, never will. But at the same time - people must realize - if you have behaved a certain way toward me, and it warranted a blog entry - WOW - it must have really been building up in me. Fair enough?

I do not write to win friends and influence people. I like to share ideas and opinions. My opinions are sometimes strong.

I am not passive. I used to say I was very confrontational. Sure - but only with things that MATTER.

If confronted, I do respond. And honestly. Very honestly. No - it may not always be the polite thing. But then again, I always thought being overly polite when honesty was needed was in fact, a way of lying.

Social media - when used for work - is where someone can keep it polite and non-personal.

This is MY SPACE. The one place I can come and let it all out.

I only invite people who know me (closely) to follow me. Randomly an outsider "happens" upon my random thoughts. Upon reading this - who would actually stick with the blog? It's some one's personal reflections.

If you were just stopping by to see how a blog is written fine. But if you go so deep you uncover items on my "bad days" then you were looking for something. And THAT is weird.

To my friends, you are welcomed to read and comment and share. Because we have known each other for a very long time. To fellow bloggers from here and there - feel free to share your funny stories with me - because we are all very open about our lives. To anyone who gets offended by what I write - why do you care what I think? I am no one special or influential. Let it go.

Yes. This is my space. And I am free to voice my opinions. :-)

Until next time...


dewin said...

Hi there! I did a little poking around blogspot last night in search of a blog to pass on this Happy Blog Award I had gotten, and out of approximately 2,314 blogs, yours was the only one worth reading! So, thank you for saving me from another post about how baby Camryn spit up today. Enjoy your award! I posted a link to your page, so maybe you will get some new readers!

Nicole said...


Nicole said...

I needed that after the HELL of a day debate about my brutal honesty. LOL


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