Sunday, January 10, 2010

Facebook would have been brutal.

In college, it is bad enough the amount of pictures that are taken at parties. People are drinking, smoking, doing God knows what - and from time to time, back in the day - random pictures were taken.

I only have a few from the college days. Because back then, we had to actually develop our film. Most of us were too broke to do that. Heck, if we had any money we would spend it on beer - nothing else.

This morning I logged onto Facebook and saw some pics posted by one of my friend's ex-exchange students. I believe this girl is still in high school, but she attends school in the ultra-liberal Scandinavian world. What I mean by that - her parents probably don't mind the pics.

But here is the thing.... it is clear in the pictures that this young lady is getting pretty toasted. Lots of "cider" (not the non-alcoholic kind) and beer. As you keep clicking on the pics, you can clearly tell that they are in chronological order. Eyes are getting more blood shot, squinty looks, girls are beginning to hug each other and sit in each other's laps. Then the words written on people's faces - and then - the pièce de résistance - the boob shot. Oh yes, the pic where girls flash the cleavage boob area when drunk.

Now - perhaps I am getting a bit older and I can see it for what it is. And yes, sure - my behavior in college was less than perfect. But I had one little thing on my side - NO FACEBOOK OR MYSPACE.

OMG - can you imagine. Come on now, those of us who partied together? Aye yi yi - what trouble we would have been in. The indiscreet photos, the drinking, the shots, the dance ridiculously. There for everyone to see. All the way down from your former teachers to your bestie from vacation bible school.

You would think, well maybe they only allow certain people on their page. Nowadays - nope. Most kids have well over 300 "friends" on their pages. Sometimes these kids do not even know some of the people. SCARY.
I guess the boobage shot early on a Sunday morning was just a little too much to take. Perhaps I flashed back to more embarrassing moments in my life and the life of my friends. Maybe I see this girl is about to make some very BIG mistakes, and you wish you could control it all.

All I know is.. thank God digital cameras and facebook did not exist when I was 19. ;-)

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