Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Climbing out..

Did I mention how tired I am? Oh my goodness.. am I tired.

I had a SUPER long day yesterday. I left for work at 7:30am and did not end until 7:30pm.

I had to spend 2 hours at the Social Security office with the egyptian. I had to run errands. I had to overnight a package at the UPS store.

I am just tired.

I am glad I did not check my BP yesterday - I ate HORRIBLY then I stayed a little stressed. Today I feel like I need to detox to remove all of the sodium.

Bad Bad Bad. I always fail when I am stressed. (Food wise.)

Let me correct something - it is not a bad stressed. It is a busy stress.

My quarterly media impressions are due today by close of business. I have a meeting with Macy's today to work on the Go Red For Women - National Wear Red day items. I am basically out of gas - oh yeah - and out of money. lol. Seriously. I am going to scrape coins today to get from point a to point b.

*sigh* I would scream - but I am too tired.

I need to pull myself out of this funk. God willing..

Speaking of which - I notice I do not write about God very often. Which is odd, because I am a very spiritual person. I guess that is because I am usually venting. ;-) Rest assured - I do spend time in prayer during these stressful times. ;-)

I do have a few highlight I hope to enjoy today! One is the fact that my intern, Basma, will be joining me today. I truly enjoy working with her. She is the daughter of a family friend. (Yes, they are egyptian.) Second - it looks like American Idol has their season premiere tonight. very exciting. I have not watched the past couple of seasons. Sooo.. thought I would like to catch it from the beginning. Also- looks like Paranormal State has a premiere tonight. Ahh.. the beauty of cable television.

I have some needs today too. I need to make sure my package got to my support staff down in Columbus, GA. I need to pick out a gym -once and for all. I need to file my extended State taxes.

I am not sure what this blog entry is about - other than my early morning ramblings. Yes, it is well before 8am. I just wanted to ramble. YOU get to read it.

Oh yeah - wanted to mention - I am reading a "delightful" - yes, I just said delightful- book. It is called "The Camel Bookmobile" by Masha Hamilton.

It's an adorable book, well.. about the love of books. A New York exec takes off to Kenya to work for a traveling library into remote villages. I am not too far into the book, but the characters are darling. I love books. I love the idea of educating other cultures. This book just really speaks to me. It is an easy read. I expect, even with my limited time available, I should be able to finish it before Friday.

Well, I have 45 minutes before I need to leave the house. I suppose I should motivate. Boooo. It feels like a lazy pajama day. But instead I have some serious meetings. ;-)

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