Monday, January 4, 2010

Vague or Mysterious?

I am laying low on the social networking sites.

Yeah yeah - I know, but I blog. Seriously - how many of you actually read my blogs? I know I have followers, but I seriously do not think people actually read them. Maybe after I post them on the social networking sites - but seriously, not regularly after that.

It's kind of nice to know I have this space to myself... most days.

Sooo.. I guess I have been a little vague on one site in particular. Okay, maybe not vague - maybe I am trying to be mysterious in 2o1o. Ha!

One of my New Year's resolutions is to NOT post as much on Facebook. Yep. Too often I get the comment, "You are ALWAYS on Facebook." or "I always know what's going on in Nicole's life."

*scratching of throat.*

Actually... ya don't. I am not just saying that. Remember people - I get PAID to make you think one thing. Perhaps life is not what it seems. Don't be fooled by those of us behaving like an open book. All you are really seeing are my random cynical comments, observations of the day and a few lousy pics taken with friends. So what? Does that mean you know me? Ha ha.. not even close.

Only a select few get that privilege. ;-) And you know who you are.

I have on any given day decided to "open up" and reveal a little of the inner workings of Nicole. But those days are truly few and far between.

Most of my rants or diatribes come from a random fleeting thought that passed thru my head and I begin with - AH - this will get a reaction.

And that's all it is, writing for a reaction. That's what I am PAID to do in my "real life." I write an article, or script or produce a video or place this multi-media message - you see it - then you react, and hopefully take some kind of action. It's like playing God with emotions. muahahahahaha

Welcome to Public Relations. Welcome to my world.


I am just being silly - again. Can't you see - it's all to get a reaction from you. I am just bored, sitting in my sunroom eating tahini and crackers and trying to stay warm.

Oh yeah.. and avoid laundry. Oh how I hate doing chores.

Peace out!

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