Saturday, January 16, 2010

I miss the days of Boy Bands

Did I just say that?

I miss the days of Boy Bands?


*scratching of throat.*

I do. I never, ever thought I would say that. EVER. But pop-ish, dancing, clean cut boy bands are no where to be found right now. I was making my little playlist on Vevo - and yes, I added some NSYNC - a group I was not fond of when they were really popular. But watching their video tonight, I had flashbacks of really happy days. Yeah. I guess when they hit the charts, etc - I was in a different place in life. I was working in television. I was living alone. I was dating. Life was full of endless possibilities.

With all of my complaints about working in television news, I have to say - I NEVER called in sick. I always went to work. Always. I would work over time. Hmmm.. now I can't seem to get enough days off.

That's a disturbing observation.

Since it is next to impossible to find a job in tv these days, and the pay is crap - I guess I will stick with what I am doing, and fill up my playlists with cheesy boy bands. Yep... I guess that's the answer.

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