Friday, January 22, 2010

Headaches, Backaches and $45 copays for Prescriptions

The egyptian has a two-week headache. I have apparently pulled something in my back after the big "jump back into exercise" week. Co-pays for his prescription are $45 flipping dollars.

I would vote YES for government-ran healthcare today. Absolutely.

Now onto something else.

Tired. WHAT a week. Demands Demands Demands at work. All of the way from one end of TN to the Florida panhandle. I have sooooo much on my plate.

I almost laugh when someone in on our fundraising team tells me they are beyond stressed. They have one event a year and usually someone to help them.

I, on the other hand - have EVERY EVENT IN EVERY CITY IN EVERY CAUSE. I am there to provide free advertising for all of their companies, and their people, and.. and.. and.. and..



I counted in two months I have over 8 events. 8 MAJOR events. That includes several Heart Balls and Go Red For Women Luncheons, 2 Heart Walks, several National Wear Red day items... I could go on and on and on.. That's just through the first week in March.

Guess what - EVERYONE wants all of my attention at all times.


Sooo.. needless to say, I am looking forward to this weekend.

Sorry - this is not a post full of awesome research and funny observations - this is a vent/rant/rave post. ;-)

Perhaps tomorrow - when my back doesn't hurt and life returns to a slower pace, I will share something...

Until that peaceful, joyful moment...

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