Monday, March 17, 2014

Weirdest Weekend Ever

It started out fairly normal... except for the fact that I was completely sort of up and down with the break up thing. I think it hit me harder than I realized. Made me... well.. feel a bit down and a wee bit insecure.

What the hell, right?


So my roomie and I sat on our balcony and drank red wine.
Last Wednesday night we just rehashed the crazy week. We were both newly single, sort of feeling down in the dumps and did not know what to do with ourselves. (Insert song here... heck.. I'll do it for you...

Okay.. I digress..

We did solve a few of the world's problems. Not to mention, it was a damn fine Cabernet (a birthday gift.)

Thursday... was feeling a bit morose. Mentioned in on FB.. and my friend, Amber, stopped by with a cup of coffee and some laughs. 

It put a smile on my face..

Did I forget to mention? Zen Kitty turned 1 on Thursday! I gave him a fluffy bed, cat treats, and a cat nip party!

 Friday was just too much... so I worked from home and took it super easy.

It took a little therapy to turn me around.. the Hummus and Zatar chip kind!

on Saturday, the light of my life stopped by. She was super excited to be kidnapping my bed for her new bedroom in her new house with my sister!
The boys got in on all of the action
This is the result. Autumn's new room.... a bizarre little 7 year old.
Saturday night involved a few shenanigans

Saw my friend Keith's band perform at Billy's #southboundmojo

The roomie and I

Late night snacks at Dough Boy's Pizza

Sunday was a little lazy. The egyptian delivered my birthday present - a whole new bed!

I went for doughnuts.. because.. it's not like any of that was confusing or anything. lol

Then today.. oh sweet Jesus... today.
I actually got 11 hours sleep last night. Got up, felt divine, drove to work. No one was working today.. not really... and I had all of this energy to do nothing with.

BUT... there was a mishap. My new car has a leaky sunroof (they think) - and is at the shop. JOYS.

Then when I got home... I was so looking forward to cooking my Chicken a La Paris... and I did.. or so I thought.

I set the oven to Bake and I THOUGHT I put the oven on 350. I could have sworn I did. But somehow.. someway .. it was on Broil. Needless to say, between the smoke, the smell, and the 500 apt alarms going off.. I figured it out and killed it.

There was something else today.. but it was just too weird to even write. I'll keep that one for one on one conversations.

Ugh... Wake me when 2014 ends.

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Dante Storey said...

I’ll be so excited too if I’ll be kidnapping an awesome bed like that! Haha! I wonder what bed you’re using at this time. Can you share it too? You’ve got a crazy week, by the way. However, it’s nice to know that you managed to have some fun, even though you just came out of a breakup. Life goes on, as they say. You can still find other reasons to be happy. Thanks for the share! :)

Dante Storey


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