Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Boarding a Rebirth

I'm at a crossroads - yet again. 

I've spent the past 10 days or so, completely swamped with work, activities, and friends. Let's not forget about the exes that seem to want to remain in my life as "friends." That in and of itself is beginning to take a toll on me. It's one thing to say hi and send well wishes, it's completely another to hear how great their new loves are and that I would "really like them if I gave them a chance." Really?


Ugh. So with that going on and with all of the work and what not, I'm exhausted. I need to make some more changes, as we all do, and it's time to pull it together. 

Luckily, work is going well. My friends are fantastic. My new bed is helping me finally sleep like a baby, and I love my new car. Sleep is making a big difference in my ability to keep a smile on my face. I'm happy with some of the swift transitions taking place, and some others.. well.. they are sort of confusing. 

Part of me is super happy for the egyptian and Big Guy. Both have found someone they have so much in common with, and as a friend, I'm happy for them. But I can't help shaking this completely "lost" feeling. I just don't fit here.. not with anyone that might be interested in me. It's all so freaking complicated. I'm not exactly in the best shape, and I have even been the recipient of a few catty remarks from female friends I know. I sometimes make comments about how I'm looking for this or that, and some of these people will say things like, "You can't be picky." Why not? It's okay if my better looking roommate is picky, but not me? I simply can't imagine why.. hmmm.. could it be... 

Oh.. Whatever. 

Sooo.. on to the theme of the year, which should help turn my frown upside down. I've been trying to "live" and "love" my life and the people who choose to be in it. I'm back home and have finally readjusted. I think I have found my footing there, now it's time to eventually find my plus one.

Here is my past week in photos:

I celebrated the Cherry Blossom Festival by heading to the carnival last Monday night. My roomie and I rode a few fair rides and giggled like little kids. 

We even went for Henna Tattoos. Here is my roomie's.
My tattoo is on the left. It's been a week and it's almost gone! A little silliness, but it felt fun to do!
We went for funnel cake
Corn dogs and cheese fries too!
Cherry Blossom time!

Thursday night, a group of us got together for a little "potluck" and fun! I brought a delicious pasta salad.
My friend Betsy & I at the potluck!
Hunter & Vinson and another guy were hanging out waiting to eat!
Carley getting ready to share her cheese and crackers!

Everyone began a fun game of Four Square.
My friends Mark, Hunter, Scott, and Bill and Mark's kids coloring.
The egyptian and Eric hanging out.

Wednesday I met up with my Leadership Macon friends, Lisa, Susie, and Charles. We met up at Market City Cafe.
James, Kathy and Justin also met up with us.
Friday night I met up with a ton of friends at a local gallery.

After the gallery meet up, Stephanie, Bill, Scott and I headed over to Dovetail for cocktails and apps!
We split a delightful platter of cheeses and jams
Having a lovely experience at Dovetail. Want to learn more about this restaurant? It was featured in Southern Living!!!

enjoying a glass of Pinot.
Next we headed to Kasmir - one of the hottest lounges in town.
My friends and I had a great time at the Mulberry Street Festival this weekend! Here's Angel & Molly!

Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom in Macon!
Provisions for sitting at a festival

Friends - Chris, Jay, and Stephanie at the Mulberry Fest


As I was hanging out at the Mulberry Street Festival- I ran into a ton of friends! Here is Omar and the egyptian.

My view from my booth...

You have no idea...

My roomie and Stephanie (Steph is an advertising prof at Mercer U. )

Me with a fruity frozen yummy goodness

Do you know who this is? It's DJ Shawty Slim - the official DJ for B.O.B.
I ended the weekend with friends at my apartment having margaritas and listening to 80s music!

My friend Jay and his family

At the end of the day - I've got to be happy with just being with me. It's not an easy thing to do - but I'm up for the challenge of getting to know myself again!

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mypixieblog said...

Are you living in Macon now? As in Macon, GA?! Either it's been a really long time since I've stopped by, or I forgot this piece of information, or you've moved recently :) Anyway, I have friends there and it's beautiful!

Don't ever settle for anything less than what you deserve, momma. Ever. And as difficult as it is NOT to compare, it leads to nothing good. I promise.

I'm glad that everything else seems to be going well for you. I'm drooling over your funnel cake photo :) I haven't had one of those in YEARS!! Yay for spring!


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