Monday, March 10, 2014

It Started With Coffee

Hindsight is 20/20. I wish I could have seen how wonderful the week ahead was going to be. Yes, it ended very well.

The photo to the left was taken about 5 hours before my boyfriend of 5 months ended things. 

He had met someone new.

Kinda the story of my life.

But that's okay.

Because in those moments, I like to think of it as the calm before the storm, I was incredibly happy. Drinking coffee, soaking up some sunshine, and reading a book.

I was okay.

I'm still okay.

Heck - I'm better than okay.

Here is my week in photos:

After the devastating news, I remember looking down at this beautiful boy, thinking, I do have someone that loves me. Without a doubt - my Salvatore.

Then I looked across the room and saw this little fellow - and I captured that moment. He also makes me smile.
On Monday, I took the egyptian to see the inside of the our new museum. It's under construction. He and I were having a business meeting (about a sponsorship,) and I wanted to share with him how far our museum has come.

As we walked through the building, he reminded me of how far I have come. Though it should not matter what he had to say, it was nice to hear.
He treated me to lunch at Michael's on Mulberry and then I headed over to the Macon Bibb CVB and purchased this beautiful scarf for the Cherry Blossom Festival. It made me smile. 
Later in the week, I was able to start my little seedlings. Salvatore helped. 

Friday, I was invited to attend the Central High School Black History Month program. Here is the incredibly talented Hayiya Dance Theatre performing.

Did I forget to mention I was the key note speaker? Oh yeah.. ;-)
I actually took some time this week to completely clean my balcony of the dead plants, and dust everything off.

While cooking phenomenal dinners all week, I made a point to stop and just unwind. Pink Moscato.
Friday night I met my coworkers, Tonya & Jeff down at the SoChi gallery on 2nd Street for the opening reception of the exhibit - "Celebrities & Serial Killers." As always, our friend Terrell Sandefur did a phenomenal job.

SoChi Gallery
After SoChi, I walked up a few blocks to the Macon Arts Alliance Gallery. I can't remember the name of the show - but there were beautiful pieces of pottery and incredible color all around.

I loved running into David and Steven. David is in charge of events at the Hay House, and Steven is the downtown CVB Manager. They are too of the sweetest southern gentlemen that I know!

Outside of The Gallery with Jonathon (the Communications Director for Macon Arts Alliance,) Tonya (my friend and co worker,) and Kelly (my friend and local chef/musician.) We were referring to them as the bald brigade.
After Gallery hopping, we popped on over to Acapulco for dinner. I had a lovely margarita on the rocks.
My coworkers, Jeff (the Curator,) and Tonya (Dir. of Education) at Acapulco

My friend Kelly and I at Alcapulco
Next we popped on over to Roasted and enjoyed PLOYD (the DJ) and Turkish Coffee

Kelly and Tonya hanging out!
Saturday morning started off perfect also. The weather was sunny and in the 70s. My roomie, Lynn and I, started our day off at Market City Cafe for Brunch. After brunch, we headed to Smiley's Flear market for those random finds.
Then we drove the small town north of Macon, Forysth and enjoyed the Forsythia Festival

We enjoyed some incredible lemonades from this one stand - I had the mint green tea lemonade. Then we sampled fudge, bought hot boiled peanuts, and some art. Afterwards, we made our way to Papouli's the incredible Greek restaurant for dinner.  And we finished the night off with shopping at River's Crossing and renting Dallas Buyer's Club from Amazon.
A little bit of Sunday morning love. I like to idea of laying around in the morning reading.. well.. there is Salvatore enjoying it also.

Zen, forever the sweet boy in the window

He has to be right next to me. I was having breakfast. lol

Believe it or not - he is getting better at standing still for pics. Can you believe how much he has grown in just three days he will be 1 years old!
I forgot to add that Thursday night, I joined the egyptian and his friends for dinner. Kofta was on the menu. It's nice that he and I can be friendly, and not hate one another. It's different, I know. But really - it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.
Finally, just yesterday, I joined 5 of the most remarkable women in Macon for a tea party at Stephanie's home.

Stephanie was the hostess with the mostess. She is an advertising/marketing professor at Mercer University

Incredible breads with spreads

Yolanda owns her own marketing firm and is a local spoken word artist

Koryn serves on a bazillion committees and works for an educational tour company, and Stacey is a minister at a local Methodist church.

Angel is a freelance writer

How was your week? I lived. What about you?

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Robyn Burke said...

beautifully documented! thank you for sharing. makes me want to do a post like this sometime too.


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