Saturday, March 29, 2014

Open Letter From The Crazy Cat Lady

Dear Person With A Snarky Remark,

Here's the deal - I have two cats and I happen to be 41. That's essentially the gist of it. Also, I love to take photographs, soooo... I happen to take lots of pics of my cats. Why? Because I like taking pictures, and to be perfectly honest, the cats are very beautiful.

Well meaning and sometimes downright catty (pun intended) friends and associates like to make little snide remarks about me turning into the crazy cat lady. Yes, I get it's funny. But really.... really ... If I was not as freaking awesome as I am, I might actually take offense to it.

So for all of the crazy cat ladies out there - this is for you.

Here are the reasons why I love these cats:

1. Did you know that petting cats will lower your blood pressure? It's true. Did you know that I battle hypertension, and that coincidentally or not, my BP has been at a normal rate - ever since I got those cats!

2. Did you know that the love of my life left me about 3 weeks before I got the cats - the same love who had me get rid of a pet just a few short years before. These cats symbolize a sense of independence and companionship.

3. No, I did not get a dog. I like big dogs, and I think it is not fair to have a dog cooped up in an apartment. Also - Why is it okay to have dogs and not a cat?

4. I happen to have two cats because while I went in for a kitten, I saw so many adult cats, and felt since I had the money, adopt an older one because it was the right thing to do. Best decision of my life.

5. I like taking photos. I really, REALLY should have gone to photography school. So now, I just capture pretty pics for fun... and I like trying different things out - different settings on my camera, the lighting, angles....

6. I have to see pics of your kids, your husbands, your happiness, your new home, your new car, and your political rants. What the hell is so bad about these two furry babies that bring me so much joy?

That's about all I have to say about that.


PS - This was wonderfully inspired by some truly good friends. Trust me, I know you are only kidding. But it got me thinking....

1 comment:

Robyn Burke said...

love this. from one cat lady to another.


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