Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Dodging Bullets

We've all dodged a bullet or two in our time. Maybe it was deciding not to wear those super high stilettos to the party that happened to have a slick marble floor, or maybe it was passing on the chicken dish that happened to have something in it you are allergic to, but was not aware it was in the dish. Time and time again, little disasters are averted by a mysterious force.

I call that force - God. Maybe I would even go so far as to say my Guardian Angels are at work, but whatever the case may be, my life was spared some type of hardship along the way.

It's not always so easy as hoping and praying, because I do believe that God/the universe/whatever you want to call it does allow certain things to happen to us, in order to help us grow and to prepare us for something on down the road.

I dodged a big bullet apparently. Yet again, God had to step in, and make an executive decision when it comes to my future. Yes, it deals with the guy, and yes, as it turns out, I this bullet was pretty darn complicated. Lots of issues.. when I say LOTS of issues, I mean some serious issues. 

I also realize that I need to make sure I take things super slow in the future. Those first few months are kind of like the probationary period in a job. We all put on our best face for the interview and the "getting to know you" part, but the rest can be a slippery slope.

I am learning so much in this new chapter of mine. I cannot express how interesting life has gotten for me. Maybe it's the age, maybe it's where I am physically, mentally, spiritually - but there is very little room for bullshit and I am being super realistic with everything that I encounter.

Life is this amazing journey, isn't it? I find inspiration is hiding behind every corner, and now that some of the "blocks" are being pushed aside, I can think clearly again and begin a new.

What bullets have your dodged lately?

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