Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My First Love

I have mentioned numerous times how much I love music. But really... of course I do. Who does not enjoy the way the sounds can lift you up and sweep you away? And like the rest of you, there is a certain genre of music I grew up with.

Most of our musical influences come from our parents. To put it into a little perspective - my dad graduated from high school in 1964, then entered college, only to leave and join the Air Force during Vietnam. He lived in southeast Asia during his early - mid 20s. On the other hand, my mom graduated from high school in 1969 and was planning on becoming an artist.

Guess what I grew up on?

Classic Rock.

I have picked the top ten songs from my past. The music that, whenever I hear it, reminds me of home. There were nights when my mom and dad would pull out their record albums, pour themselves a drink, and let my sister and I listen to all of the records of their youth.

Though you would think southern rock would be what was on the menu, it was not the case with my parents.

Enjoy my top classic rock songs!

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