Saturday, June 15, 2013

Things I Have Learned This Week

1. Young cats - around 13 - 14 weeks, are absolutely INSANE.

2. Friends at work cannot truly be friends in real life. They just can't. When it comes down to dollars and cents, they will look out for themselves. However, once that work relationship has dissolved, then you can honestly be friends. REMEMBER this young people.

3. My new "friend" was SUPER sick this week. SUPER sick. I figure if I can handle being around him when he is waaaaay under the weather (pneumonia,) then we just might be okay.

4. Jealousy and Envy can wreak havoc at work.

5. Reporters and their Producers make me laugh with their ridiculous headlines. If I JUST read the headline and nothing else, I would totally misinterrpret the entire store.

6. Speaking of reporters - get BOTH sides of the story.

7. Finally - on that note, there is one "anchor" around here that absolutely makes me sick to look at. He has a face for radio. PLEASE Mr. News Director, get rid of him. YUCK.

8. I am actually looking forward to being alone this weekend and CLEANING.That usually means I am focused.

9. Finished book 11 in the Sookie Stackhouse series. I need a True Blood break for a bit. Now I am reading Mackenzie Phillips' autobiography. IT'S FASCINATING!

10. I went two weeks without any coffee. Well.. coffee I made at home. I was DRAGGING.

11. My niece is coming to stay with me for a week. She will attend our summer Heritage Camp at the museum. Many lessons will be learned. 1. I've never kept a kid with me that long. 2. She is in a predominately white school, and at camp she will be the only white kid- SHE will experience and learn things (culturally) that she might not otherwise experience.

12. Speaking of being the only white kid at camp.... I have to be perfectly honest with you. Sometimes it is REALLY hard being the only girl. I work with all African Americans and my boss is white. I love it. But there are times when you are seriously odd man out. Nothing terrible about it, but some differences become strikingly obvious from time to time. Not to mention, there are some things I simply cannot relate too. It's fascinating and educational, and sometimes really hard.

ESPECIALLY in the south.

13. I got to visit my old high school this week. My friend, Sharone Wright, former NBA star, throws a camp each year in our hometown. (We graduated together at Southwest.) The mayor proclaimed this week to be Sharone Wright week. I was there to see it. I am so proud of him. Truly.

14. I see a container of croissants staring at me. I think I am being beckoned. I need to hurry this up a bit.

15. I went to this pop up boutique last week and happened to pass by the Spa Medical booth. I was just curious what they had (like deals on facials or something.) Oh contraire, they had buy two syringes get one free. I was just glancing, and the lady asked did I need any help. I said no - and she kept looking at my forehead. THEN.. the doctor walked up and told me if I had any questions, he would love to answer them - the WHOLE time he was looking at my forehead. NOTE TO SELF - Get bangs cut. Clearly they were dissecting the lines in my forehead. Just saying no to Botox right now. I think my skin looks healthy for a 40 year old, damn it.

16. Speaking of aging - WHERE DID MY ENERGY GO?

17. Also - saw a NEW line. A small one near my mouth. I think they call it a laugh line. It's very subtle. So I decided to quit smiling. ;-)

18. I just noticed how scratched up my hands are, thank you ZEN KITTY.

19. Cats are like freaking toddlers.

20. Croissants.

1 comment:

Leanne said...

AHHHH!! I can't get past #15.... The reason? I have LINES ON MY FOREHEAD that have been REALLY bothering me for a few years. I actually DID get cut my hair and got bangs because of these!! For real!!! I first noticed them on a web-conference all a couple years ago . . . They were SOOOO obvious. totally bother me!!! And . . . . I'm so sorry for your "friend" and the pneumonia. can you believe at I honestly am only feeling back to myself 100% NOW?!? It truly took me two months to stop coughing up a lung - to stop getting short of breath when walking upstairs - and to have my energy back, Seriously. It was a bad one. Good luck to them!


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