Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Happy Is As Happy Does

I have to admit, everything has been fairly copacetic lately.
Sure, I am having some issues with my car - it happens. It's a machine, and machines get tired. I am still able to get from point a to point b, but the stalling can be a bit of an inconvenience.

Yes, some extra bills are piling up, but nothing I can't handle. Luckily, a raise will kick in this month and that should smooth things out a bit. It's only math.

Sure, I am dealing with a name change. I have a pending trip to the DMV, the SS office, and the bank. It's never easy changing your name. Trust me. And it costs...

Of course, the cats are a hand full. The little one has decided to use the leather dining room chairs as his personal gymnasium. Tiny little snags are breaking my heart a little more each day, but when I wake up and find him nuzzling me and purring in the morning - it makes it all worth while.

I also have a new friend in my life that is making my evenings a little more fun. He's a really sweet guy, a good man, and he is giving me the attention I deserve. Right place, right time. No - I am not labeling anything. No - I will not over share. I am just enjoying myself, having dinner, traveling.. just two adults having a good time. It's healthy. It's normal.

Who knew... all I needed was normal?

Life is far from perfect, but I am ... well... I am happy. Just happy.

You never realize how unhealthy your life was, until you remove the problems. My coping skills are back to normal, my ability to handle things is back to normal... and I am not constantly second guessing myself anymore. I am just being me. Silly, complicated, moody, goofy, inquisitive - me. I am surrounding myself with people who get me. I like how that feels.

This past weekend was a wonderful example. I tried new things (gambling and moonshine tasting,) I over indulged in good food, and I stopped long enough to breathe. Something I had denied myself for so long, or felt guilty for.

I have not been writing as much lately because I am just sort of on this new journey... and I am processing.
I am happy to report that Yasser and I are friends. That's right - we are friends. We communicate in a healthy way. I wish him the absolute best. I honestly do.

I'm laughing again. I feel a little better about myself... but it still takes time. All of these things take time - and that is what I am doing differently now, I am slowing down. Slowing my thought process, slowing down my decision making, just trying to be smart, cautious.. but enjoy myself along the way.

How are you doing these days?


shannon said...

I'm so glad to see you happy! And you don't need to label happiness; just enjoy yourself. You're overdue. :)

AnnaKaye said...

I'm so happy that YOU are happy!! :)

AnnaKaye said...

I'm so happy that YOU are happy!! :)

Hoosier Chick said...

Love hearing and seeing your enjoyment. I'm happy to and you'll find that happiness begets happiness :)Miss you, friend!

Robyn Burke said...

life. is. beautiful. your post makes me smile. :)


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