Saturday, June 29, 2013

Things I Have Learned This Week

**There is video attached. Make sure to click on the sound piece to hear it...**
1. Time alone is incredibly therapeutic.

2. Time with someone who treats you like your deserve to be treated is equally therapeutic.

3. Fundraisers can pull every last ounce of energy you had out!

4. Race seems to be a hot button topic again. Living in Paula Deen Country makes the spotlight a little warm these days.

5. I think southerners are under the spotlight even more so than others when they say something horrible. Especially when it comes to race.

6. The cats beg for food each morning. The time they attempt to wake me up gets earlier and earlier.

7. I think I am beginning to itch to make some educational changes. Hmmm.. now that I am completing my Rosetta Stone, I feel it may be time to learn something new.

8. I am sticking to my summer goal of taking off somewhere different for the weekend each month. This weekend coming up? St. Mary's!

9. It's important to know that you don't choose cats, they choose you. That's how I ended up with Salvatore. He is ever-so-slightly obsessed with me. Whatever room I am in, he has to be stationed so he can watch me the entire time. It's kind of sweet, and kind of creepy.
10. After having my niece spend a week with me, I learned why you people have children. You have a built in trash-taker-outer. Genius!

11. I'm thinking of having my teeth whitened... but I love coffee. How does that work?

12. Craving BBQ. I can tell it's summer.

13. I am thinking about writing a series on Fear. More on that later.

14. I'm having issues with scooping kitty litter. I think I might have found a solution. BUT... it will cost almost $400. Go to Http://

15. I switched to espresso this morning. I go back and forth. Giving my Keurig a break. (And my wallet. Though I love it - it's expensive. On a budget during vacation season.

16. Are you on Vine? Follow me! You can find me - Nicole Thurston.

17. One of my favorite places to relax is on my balcony with a glass of wine, all while the rain pours down!

18. I decided to lay out by the pool yesterday. Yes, I had my BIG floppy hat on, but my poor knees. BURN. I guess my sunscreen did not work so well on those babies. Here's the issue - I needed to get "some" sun before heading to the beach next weekend!

19. I really want to spend New Year's in Paris. Think it's possible?

20. Reading Mystic River. Loved the movie - hope the book is even better!

1 comment:

Leslie Limon said...

As always, I love reading about the lessons you learn week after week. I really did LOL at #10, because it's SO true. ;) And I just want to say that you look SO happy in the last Vine video with your glass of wine.


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