Friday, June 7, 2013

Just added a pop of red...

Positive and highly caffeinated attitude? Check.

Kick Ass red lip stick?

A night of art, friends, and good times?
Check, check.

It's First Friday in downtown Macon, which means those of us in the arts marketing world will be gallivanting all over creation. There are so many incredible gallery openings tonight, as well as good music lined up, I can hardly decide what to do!

The good news is, I've settled on a few places I simply HAVE to support. I plan to pop by the Macon Arts Alliance, where Heatherly and Jonathon (two of my favorite arts people) will be hosting "First Editions Printmaker." I'm excited about this exhibit because I honestly do not "get" how one makes "prints." I realize that's a very elementary statement, but it's true. I look at these cool pics and I often wonder, "Okay... how does this happen? What type of equipment do you use?" etc... I know at least two of the artists featured: Craig Burkhalter and Jason Frost. 

Following that exhibit, I'm heading over to a Pop-Up Boutique, something really cool my friends Mechel and Molly have pulled together. Pop-up art shows and boutiques and random acts of culture are all the rage in the downtown trend across the nation. I'm looking forward to seeing the pretty items there just sparkling and waiting for me to pounce on.

After that, I hope to make it over to my friend Melissa's opening at The 567 for Renewal. Her group is having "Behind the Minds" art exhibit from art faculty from around middle Georgia universities. 

Finally, I'm going to head over to my mom's gallery (MGAA) for their exhibit reception called, "Celebration of Life." It's a really cool collaboration between the Middle Georgia Art Association and The Medical Center of Central Georgia. My plan is to pick up my niece from there and take her home with me. (Maybe sneak in a little pool time if there is any!)

Tomorrow should be interesting. I was invited to a party at my friend's Tim & Leila's home. They have invited this INCREDIBLE singer to perform from NYC, Sophia Bastion. She is an up-and-coming New York-based artist, the next big thing in neosoul. As an unsigned artist, she's already opened for The Roots, been on VH-1 and in Vibe, and has been added to the rotation at mtvU and BBC Radio (championed by Gilles Peterson). Bastian has a sultry, soulful voice, jazz training with blues and hip hop influences, and a great visual style. She's being courted by some of the biggest names in pop music.

This party should be great, because 1. You have this incredible singer that I can say, "Hey... I knew her when.." 2. The Moonhanger Group is catering it (Dovetail and the Rookery,) 3. AND Jason Frost plans to showcase some of his work at their house. Most of the people on the invite (and it is a small, but delightful guest list,) are people in the arts/marketing world around here. I simply cannot wait! 
Here is a sample of her singing:

Best part? I'm going to take my new "friend" with me. :-) 

Needless to say, the weekend is CHOCK FULL of good stuff. I hope to relax a little on Sunday. 

My question to you is  - what do YOU plan to do this weekend? 
If you are local... check out some of what is going on downtown. You won't be disappointed. I have gotten to know most of these people who put this stuff together, and let me tell you - these are some seriously talented folks! Take advantage of what Macon does best - The Arts.

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