Saturday, February 18, 2012

Kidnapping & Cheesecake

The element of surprise is always a wonderful way to make some one's day - especially if the surprise is a good one.

Yesterday turned out to be a really nice day. Granted, we had the toilet situation, which I am happy to report was corrected by 4pm. THANK GOD. Being able to flush toilets is a luxury many of us do not even realize we have.

I finally got dressed, grabbed my things, and headed into Macon with my mom. I dropped her off at the gallery for the Winter Arts Festival sponsored by the Middle Georgia Art Association. The pieces they had displayed were phenomenal. Mom says they gave out over a thousand dollars in prizes. Congrats to the winners! Want to learn more about MGAA? Click HERE . (Just a side note - many of you are artists, if you are interested in selling your goods, there is a HUGE Arts festival in town each spring sponsored by MGAA. Trust me, if you live in Georgia, you know about this festival. If you are interested in flying/driving down and participating (and I guarantee you will sell your goods,) just click HERE. My mom is the president of the organization that does this event, if you want to talk to someone, I can connect you!)

After perusing the art, I met up with my friends at Leslie & Philip's house. You have to understand, they were being super secretive about what was going on. Finally, we all head out to the car, and Phillip says, "If you need to go to the bathroom, do so now." I sort of looked at them perplexed, and said, "Okay.. where are you taking me?" Of course, no one would say anything.

While we were driving off, I was not paying attention to where we were going, since I was steadily trolling Twitter.. so I was unable to see if we were going north or south on 75, that is, until we hit a town outside of Macon called, Forsyth. I knew immediately, okay.. "I think we are heading to Atlanta - but where?"

Sure enough, Atlanta it was.. and we had a spectacular night. :-)

Buffalo Blasts - Shredded chicken with buffalo sauce deep fried in a crispy wonton wrapper!

Chocolate Coconut Cheesecake

Phillip & Leslie

Lisa & I

Trying for a different angle.. LOL

The flash was killing us!

Chatting as I opened presents!

Always a good choice. My other DVD had a scratch!

I love the back of it - reads, "This Amazon Woman Bows down to No Man."

 The fabulous Fox Theater in Atlanta!

The book my sister gave me!
The journal my niece gave me...
The present from my sister

My mom gave me these cool shell ear rings she picked up in Key West.

The strawberry cake with strawberry icing my mom made. (Used Instagram for the cool frame.)

Finally, Mr. Lestat - much cuddle time with him!

Well folks, my birthday weekend is going pretty good. Had a great chat with the egyptian yesterday. He is still diligently searching for a job in LA - plus, tonight - what am I doing tonight???


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