Monday, February 13, 2012

My Loves

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

That is one of those profound statements that make me treasure the individual in all of us. When I sit and ponder what that actually means, I see pictures in my head of people who have absolutely no concept of how to just be themselves. These people follow a strict set of guidelines and rules, and never, ever color outside of the lines.

These people I have a hard time relating to.

But every one has something they are into, right?? We all have our little wants, needs, preferences, colors that make our hearts skip a beat - right?? I am not alone in this, I hope. If so, I must be the biggest freak in the world, and maybe I am...

I got to thinking about preferences this morning. It was inspired by some friends of mine teasing me about having male strippers over on a Friday night. Yes, it was a joke- and I was teasing back saying I would prefer a poetry reading LOL Yes, intellectual stimulation is always a plus in my book.

With this blog post, I am going to list out my preferences - more so for me, to understand what it is I really enjoy. At 38 (well.. for 3 more days,) my tastes have changed over the years, as well as my wants and needs. So for fun, I will make a "vision" list - just for me to record and check back on, perhaps in a year or six months or so.

Here we go:

1. I love the color light blue. Almost the color of the sea or the sky. I like to wear it, I like to see it. I would like a bathroom with this color. I want more light blue in my life.

2. I love cucumbers, tahini, croissants, coffee, greek yogurt, orzo, olive oil, chicken wings, fried egg plant, goat cheese, coffee/espresso, green tea, bagels with cream cheese, corned beef hash, tacos, guacamole, cheesy pizza, fondue, strawberries, green chicken curry, fettuccine alfredo, balsamic vinegar, coconut, lime, Diet Coke with lime, watermelon, mac & cheese, and mashed potatoes. If this is all I could eat for the rest of my life - I would be happy.

3. My absolute favorite places to eat- Polly's La Mesa (Tex mex dive in Macon,) NuWay (Hot dog stand in Macon,) Papouli's (Greek Cafe in Macon,) Flip Burger (gourmet burger place in Bham,) Iguana Grill (fabulous Mexican place in Bham,) The Casbah (Moroccan Restaurant in Savannah,) Bernie's on River Street (Oyster Bar in Savannah,) The Rookery (bar in Macon that has the best beer battered fries!) The Silver Dollar (Indian in Bham,)- Nothing fancy - just YUM!

4. If I have to choose fast food or chain restaurants I would pick - Sonic, Krystal, Zaxby's, Arby's, Pizza Hut, Papa John's, Chili's, Charley's, Applebees, and Popeye's.

5. My favorite types of food: Mediterranean/Middle Eastern, Mexican/Tex-Mex, Italian, Wings, Jamaican/Caribbean, Indian, Thai.
6. As for jewelry - I am drawn to pearls first and foremost. Always loved the aquamarine stone. Diamonds are a given - no fad diamond either, just straight, crystal clear. I love cameos, and anything heart shaped. Sapphires are a winner with me.

7. Music - If I am just picking something to chill/lax to it will probably be something middle eastern. When I am driving - mainly dance music. Something pop-like. I do LOVE rock, and will listen on occasion. But I cannot listen to one type of music the entire time, I need to mix the genres up. If I had to pick my absolute favorite voices: John Legend, George Michael, Bruno Mars, Adele, Lenny Kravitz, etc. I love 70s and 80s music. I might surprise you with choices like - Rage Against the Machine, Green Day, even old Kenny Rogers. I am just all over the place. I rarely listen to the radio, unless it is NPR - and always have my ipod plugged in. Don't worry - I keep up with what is new by watching Vh1's top 20 count down. If something works for me, I download it.

8. I love anything Audrey Hepburn (huge fan of Breakfast at Tiffany's and Roman Holiday,) come to think of it - I love the actual store, Tiffany's. Ahh.. classic. I am a huge fan of Michael Kors and DKNY. I love D&G, and Chanel. Loubutin shoes make me gasp a little (in a good way.) I am drawn to a more classic, feminine style as well as bohemian.

9. I think Jude Law, Henry Cavill, Jared Leto, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Ian Somerhalder are some of the most gorgeous actors around.

10. I choose beach over mountains. International travel over domestic. Exotic over European. Wine over beer. Veg over Meat. Reading over TV. Book store and coffee shops over clothes shopping and furniture shopping.

11. I am not overly patriotic. I see America's blemishes. Though, I am glad I was born here. I don't like flip flops or anything that is super sloppy. About as casual as I will get is yoga pants and a t shirt. I would pick a skirt over jeans any day. I like heels over flats. I would pick color to wear over neutrals. I never leave the house without mascara and lipstick.

12. I do not lay out, nor will I ever. I don't fake tan. I embrace my fair skin and make it work for me. I am all about waxing your eyebrows, and I get a little freaked out when people don't. I believe in facials and massages. However, I shy away from manicures and pedicures due to the risk of fungal infections from unclean salons and instruments.

13. I choose organic, clean food (cruelty free,) over processed food. I would shop only at farmer's markets, if I can get everything I need there. I will shop at locally owned shops before I hit the super market.

14. I don't think I could ever go vegan completely, though I do enjoy a few recipes. I could never be a complete vegetarian, because I actually do like meat. Though I am not a fan of hunting, I am for cruelty free slaughtering (yes.. there are ways, even though death of any animal is difficult to imagine.) I prefer meat that was slaughtered in Kosher or Halal ways. I prefer my chickens to be free range. I will not eat Tyson chicken products (knowingly) or from KFC. There are plenty of documentaries to show you why.

15. I like experimenting with spices. I love to grow herbs. I like gardening in containers. I like bird watching. I like the idea of recycling, and wish it were more readily available in communities. I will buy organic and chemical free if there is an option. I enjoy nature hikes and camping.

16. I love spirituality. I love meditation. I love prayer, specifically centering prayer. I like spiritual retreats. I like lighting candles. I love vespers. I am Catholic, but I love the principles and teachings of Buddhists and Taoist (for living.) I am on the fence about ghosts. Love the idea of vampires, but I realize that's just crazy. ;-)

17. I am passionate about Human Rights. I wish above all wishes I could do some work with Amnesty International - outside of just writing letters. I want to join the Peace Corps, but I am waiting or the egyptian to get his citizenship, so we can do it together. I am going to apply to the United Nations, as a public affairs officer. DREAM. JOB.

18. I want a really good camera. I want to take a class in photography. I want some photo editing software. I want a Mac to make it all happen. I want to take photos (professionally) on the side. Perfect job of all time - Travel, write about it, take photos of it, sell it. Oh Anthony Bourdain, outside of eating weird things, you have my dream job!

19. I don't ever care to be rich. Was never a priority. I want experiences, and unfortunately, they require money. I want to travel to soooo many places. Follow my Destination Unknown Facebook Fan Page, and each day, I share an adventure I want to experience. God willing, it will happen one day.

20. Finally - I am obsessed with writing. Not fictional writing, just sharing my ideas. Yes, I am a terrible speller and yes, I do NOT proof read, which means you catch all of the typos, and double words, etc. I am constantly reading: I love Anne Rice & Greg Iles - two of my favorite modern day authors. The classics are always a great option.

What about you, what do you PREFER?

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Emily said...

Found you through the link up...I'm your newest follower!

Emily Hope said...

I just started eating meat again and quit eating it because of the farming practices. However being a vegetarian is so difficult for a girl on the go that I had to start getting some protein back in my diet. I think it's great that you shop locally and buy meat that is cruelty free. I think it's a small step in the right direction.

Joyce said...

Great list! I may have to come up with my own list now. Hmmmm...

Leanne said...

Holy Cow . . . I LOVE this! I thought I knew alot about you, and much of it I did . . . but so much of it I didn't. GREAT post, and no wonder why I like you so much - we have many similarities!


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