Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Popcorn, Lights, Action!

I am a total movie buff! I believe even more so now that I have more time on my hands.
As I was pulling out a box of DVD's from storage, I began to think about some of the fabulous blockbusters that I own.

I have done one of these posts before, and thought - why not again?

I have decided to showcase my absolute favorite movies of all time! I must warn you, for the most part, my taste in movies is more in the drama category, and even leaning slightly toward the independent film range. Regardless, I hope you take a moment, watch the trailers, and consider renting one tonight, or catch one on Netflix.

I promise - they will get you thinking, and quite possibly, change your life!

These are not in any particular order:

1. Beyond Borders. This movie I could watch over and over again. Basically covers one of my favorite topics - Human Rights. I am a huge fan of Angelina Jolie and Clive Owen. The characters are passionate in their quest, as well as their attraction. Amazing look at Humanitarian efforts.

2. Slam. This movie is so very powerful. It sort of takes you to "the other side" and you feel the pain, witness the trials, and get a deeper understanding of what many kids on the street deal with. Also - the words - omg - the words alone - are amazing. Slam, comes from the idea of a poetry slam, and the power of words. Love it. Tears at the end for me, in a good way.

3. Requiem For a Dream. I am a HUGE fan of Jared Leto, and also a HUGE fan of this VERY disturbing look into drug abuse. AMAZING. Life changing. Intense. Be ready... you will never be the same again!
I actually felt as if I was going on the wild ride with the characters. Brilliant.

4. The Constant Gardener. A fascinating look at how pharmaceutical companies could very possibly conduct experiments. Great crime drama, and slightly disturbing. Get the kleenex ready.

5. Crash. An all star cast - and brilliant story line. I always love when movies show how all things are connected.. series of events.. decisions.. whatever. Touches on everything from racism to socio-economic issues. HIGHLY recommend.

6. Under The Tuscan Sun. Ahhhh... my absolute favorite movie of all time. Light hearted, hopeful... Any woman who has ran off to a foreign country and fallen in love.. well... you will get it. ;-)

7. Eat Pray Love. Again, one of those movies I can completely relate to. Literally read it on the airplane on the way to Egypt. The story line follows many things I have experienced.. ahhh.. watch it.. just watch it.

8. Three Needles. This movie is one of the most brilliant movies I have ever seen. Deals with the HIV epidemic.. I hope you watch it. Amazing. Heart Breaking. AMazing.. (yeah, I said it twice.)

9. Trade. One of the biggest social issues that break my heart - Human Trafficking. You MUST see this movie. MUST MUST MUST see. If you don't watch any other.. watch this one.

10. Lord of War. An amazing movie that deals with the arms trade and based on a true story. Scary to think this is how it is... you need to see! Also, Nicholas Cage does an amazing job - PLUS JARED LETO. Need I say more?

11. Babel. Excellent cast and it just goes to show how one bad decision can have a ripple effect.. MUST SEE.

12. Brooklyn's Finest. AND - one of the finest casts! AMazing story line that tackles drugs/human traffiking/corruption - etc. Was on the edge of my seat.

13. For Colored Girls. Beautifully written, amazing casts - again dealing with so many social issues... you have GOT to see.. just as a woman in general.

14. Entre Nos. An amazing film that deals with illegal immigration and heartache. I think every one should watch it.. and just watch with an open mind.

15. Or (My Treasure.) A beautiful Israeli film that deals with prostitution, survival, and the importance of setting a good example for your kids... You MUST see.

Okay - fifteen goodies to curl up with someone you love and watch, or just grab the kleenex and enjoy your alone.

They will move you. They will make you think. They just might change your life.

Also, let me know if you watch any..


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Bossy Betty said...

Love a good movie.... You make me want to skip work....


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