Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mobile Memories

Yes, this is my third post of the day - I can't help it. I am stuck to the computer, shooting out resumes and just relaxing.

As I was looking at the background pic on the computer screen, I decided I wanted to change it - and change it to one of my mobile phone photos.

Then I started going through those photos and man.. were there some amazing memories.

Soo.. my Valentine to myself today, will be a pictorial look back at things I love. Memories I made. Times I shared. You know, if we don't have a camera with us, and we think it is important enough to capture with our cell phones - you know it must have meaning. Though many times the photos are fuzzy and waay too candid - the memories, ah.. the memories are for real. Not posed pics usually - just a moment in time captured.

(Hang in there - there are quite a few.. but man.. they mean a lot to me, and I don't typically have them up anywhere else.. and it is a sneak peak into my real life AND you might see yourself!)
Ahhh.. The old days at work. Just me, my laptop, my reduced fat blueberry muffin and caramel macchiato from Starbucks. Oh God.. I never knew how good I had it. (PS - You see a pic of me and the egyptian in Egypt and that little turtle, I bought it in New Orleans back in 2002 from a Guatamalan lady in the French Market. Its little head bobbles. When I was on a conference call, I would tap its little head. Bless its heart.

Krispy Kreme was right up the street from my apartment AND I had to pass it on my way home from work. About once every two months I would stop by, just me - 1 hot glazed donut, and a cup of coffee. Those were my "I love me, let's indulge moments."

Summer in the south. Sometimes you just have to capture the moment.

Ahhh... my little spot on the sofa. I would fix a nice up of coffee in the evening, sit it on my special coaster from Thailand - and over to the left you see my souvenir from Cambodia - a wood replica of the Ankor Wat. My mug I picked up in NY - of course!

Typical brunch for me in Birmingham. I loved my organic fruits and then I would always buy this fabulous yogurt from the arabic store, and mix it with fresh herbs. I miss having my breakfast - my way.

I remember when I FINALLY selected a flower for my VW bug - I took a pic. It was an occassion. I always know it's summer when she dances. The A/C makes her twirl. That first dance always makes me smile.

My old office. Hmmm... mixed feelings on this one..

I remember this moment. Some great friends of mine stopped by on their way back to Georgia (at the time I lived in Alabama..) And I got to spend time with their kids. This moment was priceless.

Who knew this would be the last time I would ever see Jamie. Don't worry - she is fine, she is at Le Cordon Bleu in Austin, Texas. She WILL be the next big thing.

Or what about the time I had my first Krispy Kreme Donut Milk shake at Flip Burger (this gourmet burger boutique in Bham.) The things was smoking!!!!

Or how about my first introduction to Veda Jane? She was less than 24 hours old here...

I'll never forget this duck. OMW - it just bum-rushed me for a BBQ potato chip.

I also remember exposing the egyptian to new things here in America. I miss seeing his curiosity all the time He is totally examing this burger!

A classic for me- Green Chicken Curry. Great Thai recipe. I honestly make the best! (Doesn't hurt that I had a Thai exchange student live with me for one year!)

You can always count on me to drool over my Thai soup and spring roll!

I remember this moment - my sweet inter, Tamika was celebrating her birthday. She was always such an inspiration.. and I celebrated her by buying her a perfect cup cake.

Speaking of cupcakes.. I miss the days I could drop $20 on a box of specialty cupcakes just because...

Everytime I have a caramel macchiato - I think of the afternoons with my english friend - Julie at Starbucks. We would sit at the cafes outside in Vestavia Hills, and just talk about life forever. This very night (I remember well..) we were talking about the Tudor era.. seriously.

This is probably one of the last times I hung out with my friend Telisa and JJ. When I first got to Georgia, I would drive about an hour away and have wings at this great little place in Warner Robins. Haven't seen her in a while...

Or this moment - Having Kim Chee and Yaki Mandu with my friend Kaprial at a little Korean dive.

Or getting reunited with my vampire cat - Lestat. He likes to pose for me.

Or what about a true middle eastern appetizer... yumm...

Or heading to my old dance studio in Birmingham to meet up with my instructor for coffee afterwards...

Let's talk about the incredible tabouli I would consume on a weekly basis!

Or just some random moment a friend caught of me at a restaurant with them

Here is a pic I took on my phone of Autumn, my niece. I used instagram to do the cool frame.. don't remember where we were.. though, afriad to say, clearly we just ate (yes.. food in her teeth.) hahaha..

The famous wing dinner nights with Telisa

Capturing that moment at dusk at a small town fair.

Or the perfect middle eastern dinner for me...

You can never have enough Turkish coffee or baklava

Or spending time with my friend Teresa at the event she organized each year - Fiesta!

Taking this tiny tiger to class...

Another photo I took with my phone an with instagram for the frame.. me driving back and forth from Georgia.

My english (NOW AMERICAN CITIZEN!! YAY!) friend, Julie and I at my going away party.

Open faced lamb gyro... always something I crave...

A fried pickle moment!!

Making salt-dough ornaments with Autumn.

Friday night dinners with Lisa & Leslie

Baby Lestat laying near me...

Capturing this moment - relaxing on the beach, sitting in a gazebo - on Tybee Island, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean on Jan. 1st, 2012

Catching up with my dear friend, Tonya, for almost 3 hours over iced coffee before we went on a road trip.

Me... just catching a pic of myself....

Recent pic- I did a last trip to Birmingham about a month ago, and caught up with my dear friend Laura and Veda Jane!! She has grown!!!

eating pumpkin pie at the diner with my friend Lisa. We meet about once a week for coffee and well.. sometimes pie.

I took a day trip to my college town of Milledgeville, Georgia.. my old stomping grounds..

Playing with Autumn on the playground at Mickey D's - you just don't get moments like this very often!

Watching my mom create.. and watching Lestat.. watching me..

Twilight marathon with Leslie & Lisa ..

Halloween this past year... I thought my make up came out pretty darn good...

I recently found a shamrock at the park. I saw it as a good sign! (Like my sparkly nail polish??)

Nothing says lunch with the egyptian like falafel and hummus...

Just perusing the barrels of candy...

Taking a break on River Street to take a pic with my friend Lisa...

Sitting at the Huddle House with Autumn - just a Auntie Cole and niece breakfast.

Waking up to this on Christmas morning.

Night out with my friend Lisa..

Driving back to Georgia.. knowing.. I would probably never be in Birmingham again!

Autumn aring her sparring techniques.. Moments like this you never get back!

My friend Lisa caught this pic of me when I was relaxing on the roof of The Bohemian in Savannah earlier this year. Now.. this was from her phone.. but I think it captured.. a .. oh.. hopeful moment.

Back in Birmingham for a feast with my friend Tamika. Nothing like a BIG breakfast.

It's a little fuzzy - but I snapped this on the beach in Tybee Island.

The sunset on the first day of 2012 - in Savannah.

I think I was in the car with the egyptian when this one was snapped... about a month ago.

I took this one Sunday night. She fell asleep on my lap.

Finally - my best little bud.. tangled in cords and apparently playing with a gum wrapper..

Happy Valentine's Day. LOVE your life moments.

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Leanne said...

Nicole . . . I love these. Every single one of them. I can recall reading about so many of these adventures fromt this very blog, I almost feel like they were MY pictures! ;) And how amazing the diverse ethnicities mentioned . . . A BOOK, I'm telling you. You need to WRITE A BOOK about foods and cultures and relationships among the differences and . . . YOUR LIFE. Not just a words, though. A book with your PHOTOS and sharing the stories behind the experiences. I'm TELLING YOU!!! It would be AMAZING! (So sorry I've been MIA here . . . thinking of you SO much lately, and just knew I had to catch up. I'll give you a call in a day or two and we'll chat, my friend. Hugs!)


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