Sunday, February 19, 2012

High School in the 80s

When I think of all of the decades I could have grown up in, I am just thrilled to know I grew up in the 80s! It was a time of excess and bright colors. Materialism and happy moods. Granted, most of my younger years were in the 1970s, by the time I hit 1980- I have a concept of what was going on. I was 7 in 1980, and by 1989 I was 16 years old.

This blog post is going to be totally fun! ;-) I have tried to capture as many memories as possible from my teen years. Don't worry, I have a little library of toys for another post one day, but this post is specifically what I remembered from growing up as a teenager in the 80s. (Of course, when you turn 11/12 - you think you are a teen. I believe most of my hair/makeup/fashion mishaps happened between 6th - 8th grade.

Me - 1989

I am going to post some pictures of items I owned or was obsessed with. Following the pics, I found one of those great, "You know are a child from the 80's if.." lists. Please take a moment and scan it. At the end of the post, leave a comment and let me know what you remember most about being a TEEN in the 80s.

Okay.. let's get to it!!
Just look at that cover! Many of my crushes! Not to mention, I would BEG my mom when we were at the grocery story to buy me one of these magazines. I would then, pull out the posters and just splatter my walls with them.

Probably more so my early teen years, I would buy these "Choose Your Own Adventure" books. We would shop at Walden Books... whatever happened to that place?

I probably owned a bazillion pairs of these socks. I was OBSESSED with the pom pom sock.

This is EXACTLY the boombox I owned. Or maybe it was my mom's and I took it. Loved it. Loved the color. To me it screams 80s. My first car did not have a tape player, so I would put this in my car and play my tapes that way. LOL

The banana clip. They were tricky, because I still had to have my puff and bangs on the top, but pull the rest back. Wore these a lot in the summer time.

Hello??? Wasn't the skating rink the THING to do? Especially for middle school for me. Loved the white skates with the pom poms.

Me - Prarie Skirt

This made me laugh. For my younger friends, this is computer paper. I swear!

I remember I went to a county fair in Indiana with my cousin, and we bought sooo many buttons with Duran Duran stuff on them. My jean jacket was covered.

Oh my, you were NO ONE if you did not have jordash jeans. I remember the display in the department store called "Aim." I would just circle the racks.

In 8th grade - we ALL wore Primo. hahaha... (And the boys wore Polo.)

I always carried a fruit stripe pack in my pocket book. (Which is what we called purses.) What I hated about the gum, the fantastic flavor would disappear after 5 minutes.

The clip. We used these to pull our hair back when we were at home.

Every year, our club would sell these chocolate bars for a dollar. The chocolate was terrible.

I was THRILLED when the erasable pen came out. But to be honest, the ink was crappy.

Bahahahhaahaa.... You know you did it to. We took this into the 90s.

LA Gear. All of the LA products were hot in the 80s.

I remember all of the kids just turning these boxes up in class. You would hear the "shheeshhhh" of the little nerds sliding down the box, then "crunch crunch crunch" as the kid chomped down before the teacher caught them!

The double sock. Heck, for forth of july, I did the triple sock - red, white and blue. PS - Don't forget the tight rolled jean.

My FAVORITE movie in High School, along with Lost Boys, St. Elmo's Fire.. and a few others.

Ocean Pacific - or OP. All of the boys wore these shirts, and Panama Jack ts. I thought it was hot. LOL

We thought we had designer, imported water. LOL

Stirup pants with sweaters.. totally.

Remember the guess jean rage? 
What about playing Atari??

The one thing our parents gave us to wash our face with.

My razer! LOL It was sooo cute.

Swatch Watches were the stylish thing to wear! Don't forget the swatch guard.

Did you put sun in - in your hair? I did, and let's just say - I had a skunk streak. Did not fair well with the dark haired girls.

I LOVED my penny loafers.

This and Rave #3 I should have bought stock in.

Sabagos (I am SURE I misspelled. How do you spell that??)

I recently cleaned out my trunk of memories, and threw away a few of these.

The Breakfast Club - excellent choice.

Oh yes - I loved this style.

And this.. I can remember this quite well...

And playing this game.. my oh my...

Or having this VERY caboodle to hold all of my blue, pink and yellow eye shadow.

She was my fashion idol. In the back of my senior year book, if you look at my choice in song, it says - "Nicki Thurston - "Vogue." LOL

The ballerina look - which I totally wore, and yes, I was a ballerina. Big sweaters with tights.

We all understood this mantra.

The coca cola rugby was a hit.

These glasses or Ray Bans

Anything Paint splattered.

Now for the fun list!

1. You've ever ended a sentence with the word SIKE

2. You watched the Pound Puppies

3. Girls wore biker shorts under their skirts and felt stylishly sexy

4. You yearned to be a member of the Baby-sitters club and tried to start a club of your own.

5. You owned those lil' Strawberry Shortcake pals scented dolls

6. Two words: Hammer Pants

7. If you ever watched "Fraggle Rock"

8. You had plastic streamers on your handle bars... and spokey-dokes or playing cards on your spokes for that incredible sound effect

9. Your grandma was addicted to TAB cola

10. You owned both Underoos and Garanimals!

11. You can sing the entire theme song to "Duck Tales" (Woo ooh!)

12. It was actually worth getting up early on a Saturday to watch cartoons

13. You wore a ponytail on the side of your head

14. You know all the turtles' names from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV series

15. You got super-excited when it was Oregon Trail day in computer class at school

16. You made your mom buy one of those clips that would hold your shirt in a knot on the side

17. You played the game "MASH" (Mansion, Apartment, Shelter, House)

18. You wore stonewashed Jordache jean jackets and were proud of it

19. L.A. Gear....need I say more?

20. You wanted to change your name to "JEM" in Kindergarten. (She's Truly Outrageous.)

21. You remember reading Tales of a fourth Grade Nothing and all The Ramona books

22. You know the profound meaning of "WAX ON, WAX OFF"

23. You wanted to be a Goonie

24. You ever wore fluorescent neon clothing (some of us...head-to-toe)

25. You can remember what Michael Jackson looked like before his nose fell off and his cheeks shifted

26. You have ever pondered why Smurfette was the only female smurf

27. You took lunch boxes to school...and traded Garbage Pailkids in the schoolyard

28. You remember the CRAZE, then the BANNING of slap bracelets

29. You still get the urge to say "NOT" after every sentence

30. You remember Hypercolor t-shirts

31. Barbie and the Rockers was your favorite band

32. You thought She-ra (Princess of Power!) and He-Man should hook up.

33. You thought your childhood friends would never leave because you exchanged handmade friendship bracelets.

34. You ever owned a pair of Jelly shoes.

35. After you saw Pee-Wee's Big Adventure you kept saying "I know you are, but what am I?"

36. You remember "I've fallen and I can't get up"

37. You remember going to the skating rink before there were inline skates.

38. You ever got seriously injured on a Slip and Slide.

39. You have ever played with a Skip-It.

40. You had or attended a birthday party at McDonalds.

41. You've gone through this nodding your head in agreement.

42. You remember Popples

43. Don't worry, be happy

44. You wore like, EIGHT pairs of socks over tights with high top Reeboks.

45. You wore socks scrunched down (and sometimes still do..getting yelled at by younger hip members of the family)

46. You remember boom boxes and walking around with one on your shoulder like you were all that.

47. You remember watching both Gremlins movies.

48. You know what it meant to say "Care Bear Stare!!"

49. You remember watching Rainbow Bright and & My Little Pony Tales

50. You thought Doogie Howser/Samantha Micelli was hot

51. You remember Alf, the lil furry brown alien from Melmac

52. You remember New Kids on the Block when they were cool...and don't even flinch when people refer to them as "NKOTB"

53. You knew all the characters names and their life stories on "Saved By The Bell," The ORIGINAL class

54. You know all the words to Bon Jovi - > YOU GIVE LOVE A BAD NAME

55. You just sang those words to yourself

56. You remember watching Magic vs. Bird

57. Homemade Levi shorts.. (the shorter the better)

58. You remember when mullets were cool!

59. You had a mullet!

60. You still sing "We are the World"

61. You tight rolled (pegged) your jeans

62. You owned a banana clip

63. You remember "Where's the Beef?"

64. You used to (and probably still do) say "What you talkin' 'bout Willis?

65. You had big hair and you knew how to use it

66. You're still singing "Shot Through the Heart" in your head, aren't you!


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Brad Warner said...

Watching back to the future as I read this.

Shayla Darrington said...

Wow! Awesome memories!

Tim Fox said...

Thanks for the memories! I'm going through a little 80s nostalgia to keep myself sane while living over in Japan at a high school. I'm trolling Youtube right now to create an 80s teen film collection (plus ummm errrr using other sources to create an outstanding 80s DVD collection on the cheap). My high school years ended in 1989. I think there must be something significant to that! I left with memories of too many house parties (the parents were out but I'm sure they knew) of their kids drinking, and playing simple minds or U2 cranked up or others... Oh yes, and school dances! Dances where you could just dance just about anyway you wanted... and no one cared.

Anonymous said...

hi although i was born in the mid eighties and did not get so much of that time, i love your blog

awesome inside and view of a great time

Nicole is the pic on the left one of your recent pics? Then you havent aged 1 %

oh well it was a great time

please invent a time machine

Kim S said...

I still have my kaboodles makeup box and still use it.

I still have my LA gear athletic shoes and still wear them.

I still wear scrunchies

I kept all of my acid wash guess jeans and most of my 80's/90's clothes.

My international news sweatshirt is still in my dresser drawer.

I have a laundry basket full of cassette tapes and decided not to throw them away.

The 80's were an awesome decade!


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