Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Once Upon A Time..

Most little girls dream of one day finding their very own Prince Charming. The handsome man that will whisk them off their feet, and carrying them into a magnificent castle. In my dream, I always envisioned a dark haired man, with brown eyes, and of course, would have a foreign accent.

I think we know how that turned out! ;-)

However, there is one more detail that far outweighs the shining  Prince - it's the ceremony in which this love is legally and spiritually bonded! I don't care how tough most girls are, they want a wedding, of some sort. Say what you want, but if money was not an issue, or time, or any other crazy details - come on, admit it, you want a wedding.

When I was 25 I met this really nice, southern boy. About two years later we got married. I created the wedding of my dreams (at that time.) It's the wedding I had planned my entire life. The big cathedral wedding with over 400 people invited. Big puffy, cinderella wedding gown, lots of pearls, white roses - WHITE WHITE WHITE, while my bride maids wore these "Audrey Hepburn" inspired block gowns. My best friend's daughter was the flower girl, while my God son was the ring bearer. The groomsmen wore block tuxedo suits, with a tie and matted silver vest. Ave Maria was sung in Latin, there was a full Catholic Wedding Mass - followed by a fantastic reception with DJ, champagne on each table, full buffet, and even a keg of beer off to the side. LOL.

That marriage lasted six years.

Then when I was 34, I met THE man of my dreams. He was Mediterranean, he was intelligent, he spoke numerous languages, he recited poetry.... and we decided to get married. The problem was - the government. Once he arrived in the states, we had exactly 90 days to get married, or he would be deported. Also, we were told 3 days before he arrived that he was coming, with an expiration on his Visa in four days. No real time to prepare.

We ended up having a quick private wedding contract ceremony at the mosque, followed by a reception party at the gallery in my home town. It was an "Arabian Nights" theme complete with belly dancer!

But the truth is - I had two other ideas. I even have a different wedding dress. That's right. In my closet hangs a Victorian lace wedding dress. One idea was to rent the Sidney Lanier Cottage in Macon, and have a more traditional "southern" wedding reception complete with ceremony. The cottage is quite the southern belle home, and would have been nice. But the costs, with the space, and so many limitations on what you can do there. Not to mention, my bridal shower to my first husband took place there, and that would just be weird.

Then my PERFECT idea was to rent the old Estella McGee Lodge out at Camp Martha Johnston. I spent every summer as a kid out at this camp, and then worked there every summer as a college student. If anything represented my life and love - this place would be it. Not to mention, my husband is obsessed with the "American Outdoors." Idea of horses, and ranches, and what not. This beautiful lodge over looked a flowing creek, complete with a waterfall. But of course, the lady who is in charge of rentals absolutely hates me and was causing me all sorts of headaches over insurance (commercial) to rent the property, as well as dates available. Since my plans were so up in the air, I just gave up that idea.

As I was running through my "boards" on Pinterest, I came across my "Event idea board." I keep all types of pics there - for parties, even weddings. You never know when a friend might need an idea. What I have found, I have saved pics of what I wanted my wedding to look like, to the man I love. Yep.

So, to purge that dream once and for all. I am going to share some of those pics here for you today. Maybe you are planning a wedding, or maybe you know someone who is. Here is what I would have done.. if I could have...

Let's talk dress. This is very similar to what I have hanging in my closet. I love the lace. It's so romantic.

These flowers are such a good idea. Can you imagine this in an old lodge/barn/outdoor?
What a need game for a bridal shower.

Now, if you go a more traditional bouquet route, wrapping it in the lace from your mother's wedding gown is such a beautiful idea.

I fell in love with these shoes.

How about this for an entrance??

Or if you had a more open area, I thought this was a really cute idea.

I even love the story book roses idea. Might make for a great bouquet to toss!

I love doves and the idea of love birds. (Really birds of any kind.) Wouldn't this make a great groom's cake?

I like this idea to sit at various tables for people to fill out. "What should we do on date nights?" What a great keepsake.

A cigar grotto would have been great. In our case, maybe a sheesha grotto! lol

The morning after bride's maid mug shots. Too cute of a gift for the couple.

I love the idea of lots and lots of twinkle lights.

This is excellent.

Love the positive twist.

I added this - because it is full of gardenias. How wonderful this would smell.

I am in love with this cake. I know the egyptian would be too. It is the complete poem of e.e. cummings, "I carry your heart."

How about the wedding party signing the bottom of the shoes??

Or making it easy for the guests with carry out boxes for their pieces of cake?

The type of wedding I was thinking of would have been adorable with centerpieces like this.

I love this idea - especially for a keep sake. How simple this would be?

I like the idea of sparklers, and here is the sparkler and match book all in one.

This is absolutely perfect...

Maybe a different flower.. but sooo cute for chairs..

This would honestly look like the inside of that lodge I was talking about.

How cute is this?? Love it for an outdoor, or daytime wedding.

I love this save the date.

I love the mason jar idea, and how about chalk paint on each, and you can write your own name!Great keepsake also!

Of course, since my idea was at my old camp - a S'more bar would be fabulous!

I thought this was too cute, champagne Popsicles

LOL - Great for a country wedding.

What a beautiful detail.

I could see this on the back porch of this place over looking the creek.

I am obsessed with doors. I love this.

How cute, instead of a guest book - write on a rock and keep in a jar forever.

Finally - how cute? Wrapped in twine.

Of course I had to add this - rock candy with champagne. LOL

Of course, these are ideas I want you guys to use! If you would like to see a clearer picture and get more details on each idea - click HERE


Happy Mardi Gras!


AnnaKaye said...

what great and creative ideas! I'm not anywhere close to getting married yet but you're right we all like to dream!

scrapwordsmom said...

These ideas are AWESOME! Weddings are just sooo cute now! Dave and I are going on 20 years in October. I can't believe it:)

becca said...


grifsmom said...

Ahhh, I carry your heart! My favorite quote from "Untamed Heart". Such beautiful words.


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