Monday, April 12, 2010

So much to do.. sooo little time.

I promise to write something with a little more substance later. Right now I am sorting my thoughts, and I guess if you opened this post - you are going to sort with me.

I have a MASSIVE to do list today. Important stuff too!
For one, it is time to make sure I have captured all of my media placements/media impressions into this little spreadsheet which is like a death panel to some of us. It can make or break you. It decides whether or not you will continue to eat, have a home, or running water. *sigh*

Second, I STILL have not completed my taxes. I need to get an accountant to do them for me, but I am just so flippin' cheap I don't want to pay anyone. I am still debating whether to do them myself, or let someone else tackle this. I was very charitable this year. Sooo.. I think it is best to let someone else figure out all of that. I just HATE paying someone to do the math. But I HATE the math.

Third, there are some girly things that need to happen this week. Hair cut, wax, and nails. (Note I have never and will never have fake nails - I just like everything nicely manicured.)

Fourth, it's that time of the month - time to PAY BILLS.

Fifth, I need an oil change and tire rotation.

Sixth, I have to pick up Lestat the Vampire cat and take him to Georgia. Yes, I am returning home. (Which I have not been home since Christmas.) I am spending the weekend with the family and celebrating my niece's birthday. God willing it will be peaceful. I am going to try to book my time with visiting friends.

Finally - work work work work work work. Sooooo much work. Yes, this is the time of year we all just want June 30 (fiscal yr end) to just get here. Good or bad - just GET HERE.

One other item - I have never taken a cruise (it is up there with chain restaurants for me) - but, I did find a really cheap one out of Mobile. Should the Egyptian and I book a cruise for a cheap weekend get-away?? Or should we just pick an island and go? This is for November. (Gives us plenty of time to get permission for him to leave the country.) Thoughts??

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