Saturday, April 3, 2010

On a lighter note..

I did not want to leave a "toxic" blog as my last post. I decided to make a little list of sorts for the month of May.

I realize we are hardly into April. But I want to set some goals - so if the following items can take place before the end of MAY - that would be super awesome with me!

Without further ado - my wishlist for May:

1. Drop 10 pounds. Yes, this is sooo doable. HOW? I just got a personal trainer!!!!!!!!!

2. Get a theraputic massage. I have not treated myself to a good massage in a while. It will release all of the toxins building in my body.

3. De-clutter. I am throwing out even more stuff!!

4. De-Tox. This includes, people, situations, cleaning products, food, etc. I want to live without any toxins!

5. Learn the arabic alphabet - including how to write the symbols. I think the only way I will ever learn is by taking it step by step.

6. Re-volunteer for the Greater Birmingham Humane Society. I used to volunteer at the center. It is time I do that. It will be both beneficial to the animals, and theraputic for me.

7. Research an annulment from my first marriage. I want it to be a blip in my past.

8. Volunteer to teach vacation bible school. Yep - I said it. I seriously doubt I will get to take a real vacation this summer. Why don't I give back?

9. Purchase the camera I have been talking about for 3 years now. What have I been waiting for??? Seriously???

10. Finally head back to dance class.

Those are my top ten items I would like to accomplish before all is said and done.

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