Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Culture of Facebook.

There are a few things I absolutely detest about Facebook. It all deals with the interaction of people. The lack of manners. The insensitivity and the sometimes ridiculousness of it all.

I think it is best if I put this in list format. I assure you, nothing has happened (please note #5) - so don't read too much into anything I am posting.

1. APPLICATIONS. I don't need a rose, a heart, a stinking Easter Egg. It may go back to the days when I was a kid. Stickers never did it for me. Sooo.. I view these little "gifts" like shared stickers. They used to junk up a notebook, and they for sure junk up my page.

2. Mafia/Farms/Sorority Life, etc. Seriously??? There is absolutely no point to these games. If you really want to get into a good computer game with people and homes and even a farm - try the Sims. It is not that I think you should not join a mafiar or kill people in Vampire Wars... but there is really a much better game out there that you may love even more!

3. Relationship status gossip. Single, Married, Divorced and my favorite - it's complicated. No, it's not complicated. Your single. Accept it. Also - if someone changes their status from married to divorced or single.. could you wait a few minutes before you comment? I am sure it was not easy.. and the more comments, the more attention is drawn to the situation. Ouch.

4. Not responding. Ooooh my. This is the one that gets on my nerves. If I leave a comment with a question, or if I send you a message with a question. You better answer it. I cannot stand it when you take the time to say hello, and perhaps try to catch up, and the person never responds. BUT - they are clearly responding to others, and/or have been actively using their account. IT IS A SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE. Be social. If you do not want to talk to me - then a. Why did you ask to be my friend or b. Why did you accept my friend request? Your actions are equivalent to walking past me without speaking. It is just - Rude.

5. Stop reading too much into someone's Facebook status updates. If I say I am in a bad mood or have a headache, or.. whatever. Don't gossip about it. Also - do not dare pick up the phone and call me and ask, is everything okay? I just read on FB that... blah blah blah. Seriously??? It's all just a fleeting thought. Don't make too much out of it.

6. Don't attack me because of my political/religious/etc. views. Fun jabs from time to time are okay. But the rest is completely unacceptable.

7. Don't tag me in a picture that makes me look really bad. I would not do that to you!! THINK

8. I wish groups did not send out so many freaking emails. It's not necessary. If something is coming up - then send an event invite. At least it doesn't clog up my inbox.

9. OOH this one really ticks me off, and there is at least one person I know that does this and part of me wants to delete her for it - DO NOT announce over and over how you hate to read people's status updates.. or what they post.. or how often they post.. then announce how you "hide" people. Seriously. We see you. You may not see us. How rude - and - it is FACEBOOK - it is a social networking site - NOT "so and so's" personal audience. Geez..

10. and Finally - DO NOT EVER say to me, "Wow, you are always on Facebook." or "We know you like Facebook.. look at all of your posts.." etc. Folks - that is what it is for. I am sorry you are a weirdo voyeur and are too shy to speak your mind or share your thoughts. If you don't like it - a. delete me. 2. do like the person in #9 and hide me.. but then again, what is the point?? or 3. deactivate your account, because clearly you do not understand how this social networking crap works... which come to think of it.. you sure do seem to know a lot, perhaps you are just sitting out there watching and judging... hmmm.. creepy.

That's it.

I just had to get it off my chest.

You don't have to agree. It's okay. PLUS - it is perfectly okay if you delete me or if you comment! Just don't hide me - that's sooo passive aggressive!! ;-)


Margo said...

Nailed it, Nicole.Sometimes I think we're not supposed to know all this stuff about others. The word "friend" has lost all meaning in recent years.

Kathy Murray Rosenbaum said...

I'm totally hiding you for that, then I'm going to gossip about how you blog all the time and THEN I'm calling to you see if everything's ok...

Anonymous said...

I hide all the application pop ups on my news feed, because I honestly don't care if someone found a crying horse in their back field in farmville, and stuff like that. Stupid stuff clogging the news feed.
I pretty much agree with everything you said.

Nicole said...

Absolutely - the apps etc - I hide. But people, nah. I would just delete them if it bothered me that much.


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