Friday, April 9, 2010

My Fantasy

I took today off with the intention of relaxing.

Yeah, yeah. I know. What was I thinking?

I live with an egyptian. NOT going to happen.

Sooo.. since I have an active imagination.. I want to go somewhere... some place that (when I was a child) I always hoped really existed...

Let's pretend I packed my bags, grabbed my passport and headed off to .. drum roll please..........................................

This is where we add my portion. "Nicole has arrived hoping to create a different life for herself, for just one day.. to see how she was SUPPOSED to live..."

It starts with picking out my celebrity parents. Yes. I hand picked my parents.
My mom is none other than Meryl Streep. Sophisticated and talented. She is tough as nails, and expects the best out of me.

Sooo.. this is mom.

As for Dad - I picked Harrison Ford.  A bit of a goof ball, smart, and a tad laid back.

So apparently this is my little family for the moment.

I have decided we lived in the perfect little home.

There. A perfect little tudor home with a pretty little flower garden.

But with every family - one child is simply not enough. I need a brother.  I always wanted a brother. I pick - Jake. He's perfect for a brother. I little "off the wall" with an adorable smile, and well, we have the same color hair and eyes and skin - so it works. Okay??? Don't laugh. My family is Harrison, Meryl, Jake and myself.

Now I have to have a husband. Someone (now with all of my experience with husbands) that is level-headed. Calm. Intelligent. Dark hair and eyes are still mandantory as well as tall. He has to be the yin to my yang. Balance me out a bit.

I chose - Colin Firth. Yes - he still has an accent, is a tad bit older than me, and a perfect fit. ;-)
So yes - Colin is my husband.

But let's complicate it even more.

I need a good chef. A celebrity chef. One that I can hang out with and discuss food and wine and traveling. I need someone with a bit of an attitude. Who can challenge me to try new foods and what not.

I chose - Anthony Bourdain. Anthony is perfect as my private chef.

Now we know I will want to get back into dance classes. How about inviting Barishnikov to be my private dance instructor. Yes!

The next person I need to introduce everyone to is my bad "affair" boy. Yes, I have a lover boy on the side. Who can blame me?? Colin is wonderful, but he is a bit tame. My lover is none other than - Jude Law.

Jude and I rendevous from time to time.

Of course, my best guy friend in the world is concerned about my affair. PLUS - not to mention, my best guy friend has a crush on me also. Who is my best guy friend? Well - none other than Eric Bana.

Eric lives next door and is constantly checking in on me. What Eric does not know is .. I have another love. Oh yes. My pet Vampire of sorts - ANOTHER Eric is in my life.. the Eric from True Blood.

Our relationship is more of an arrangement. I give him a little blood.. he gives me a little V juice.

Which brings me to the situation. I am addicted to the V juice - soooo... I need a recovery program. Who better to use for this than Dr. Drew.

Dr. Drew is great to work with as well as adorable.

Sooooo... he suggests I try retail therapy. Of course, how can I argue with Dr. Drew? So I hire Clinton Kelly and Stacy London to be my personal shoppers/stylist!

Now my fashion is up to par to hang out with my two best girl friends - Sandra Bullock

and Diane Lane.

The three of us are inseperable. I am helping Sandy deal with her divorce, while Diane is helping us both just remain fabulous women!

The one other main character from my life you MUST meet is my fairy godmother/auntie - Bette Midler.

All of these characters make up my fantasy day!

How cool would that be to hand pick the people in your life??

Since we can't - I will leave Fantasy Island knowing that my egyptian, my apartment, my job and my family WERE hand picked for me - just not by me.

Who would you pick as your celebrity family?


Anonymous said...

I'm gunna have to think on this. Who would I want? hmmmm.

Nicole said...

OOH - I bet you could go craxy with this one!

Nicole said...

perhaps crazy.. not craxy

Cristina said...

I love your pretend family. and i love even more your lover boys. yummy!

Carrie said...

Just give me Brad Pitt for the day, that's all I want ;)

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