Monday, January 18, 2016

Feeling My Age and Other Oddities

My sister turned 39 last Tuesday. Mom turned 65 this morning. Dad turns 70 on the 9th, and I'll be 43 on the 16.

Our little tribe is aging. I say this as I sit at my desk, with my leg propped up, trying to relieve the pain I feel in my left knee. Still. Who knows at this point what I did, but I kinda/sorta feel like it might be getting better. I'm working on it. Kind of like everything else you have to do when you get older... try a little harder.

Heck, everything is a little harder than it used to be. Walking up stairs, bending forward, learning new technology - I think at some point we sort of fall just a little more behind those a bit younger than us. Each year, just a little bit more.. then a little more, until we have completely aged ourselves.

I'm by no means a one-foot-in-the-grave kind of girl, but I am finding myself working harder to slow life down.

I think as a kid we simply cannot wait to grow up! There is so much to look forward to! Now, the game has changed. All of those "things" I could not wait to happen, have passed, and now I have to come up with some new challenges, or I will become one of those "waiting on death" types.

As you probably know, I like to teach myself new skills each year. This year I'm going to learn canning. Seriously. I bought this massive book from Lowe's the other day. (Why was I in Lowe's? That's a whole other story.)

I bought the complete book of Home Preserving by Judi Kingry and Lauren Devine. It seems to have every single recipe, every single detail of the how-to, and even a whole glossary to pick up the terminology. I figure, if I have access to a farm, might as well figure out how to make the most of it. For one, I would think that I could save money, as well as control what I put in my mouth and how much preservatives are entering my system. And finally, it will be a great hobby to learn and teach SG's girls and my niece.

Or maybe it will be a bust.

There really is no telling on whether or not I will follow through on this. But.. I'm thinking I just might give it a go.

I've done the research. Now it's time to study and give it a whirl.

What new thing do you hope to try this year?


to be continued... said...

girl you reading my mind - i was just telling a business partner last week "i think the best of my life is over….i'm just kinda hanging out for rest of the ride"
embarking on something new, too. - i like that book! i bet it's filled with pretty pictures, will be following your preserve adventures

Heather Busby said...

I've got a couple of boxes of pectin I bought by accident if you need it :)


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