Friday, January 1, 2016

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Happiest of New Year Greetings!

Another year has come to close, and I'd be lying if I did not say that I miss it a little. But here we are, a blank slate, and tons of adventures yet to begin.

My 2016 has basically consisted of travel, travel, travel.

My SG and I drove up to Macon yesterday from the farm and grabbed a little steak dinner at the Texas Border Grill on Houston Rd. Amazing steaks and the service is second to none. It's sort of far out and completely away from the whole downtown scene, however I felt like we needed to venture out and do something a little different. We both had the Ribeye and it was to die for!

After dinner, we stopped by a wine store and picked up a bottle of Moscato to take to my friend's home. My friend Molly was going to let us stay in her guest room on NYE night. She lives very close to the university which is very close to downtown! When we arrived she handed me a key and sort of said something about one of the door locks would be the only one that would work, and to "pull up on something." She later leaves to check out a party, while SG and begin to get ready. As we are leaving (in great spirits and ready to go to a fun party,) I hand him the key and he proceeds to lock the door. I assumed that since only one was supposed to be the one to lock, he would have to use the key and we would be good to go.

Now .. this is where it gets interesting. We are heading out and he says to me, "Hey babe, I left my jacket in the house." I told him I would meet him in the car. Then I hear him call me.
The key doesn't work.

Wait.. it does work, just not on the knob he locked.

There is no key for that one.

Anywhere. So here we are, me standing in a cocktail dress and heels, he in his suit with the tie, and I am texting my friend asking if there was another key. She tells us the only way in is for SG to climb the fence and kick in the dog door, then use his arm to unlock the back door.

Alright, unless you have been living under a rock, then you know how rainy it has been around here. Thick mud, soggy ground. He takes one of the garbage cans and climbs on top to scale this privacy fence. In his suit. He get over to the doggy door and realizes that he is going to have to get on the ground to try to reach through. Now, my guy is 6'3 and weighs in at 285 pounds, he's a big guy with really broad shoulders, built like a line backer. He has to strip down to his undies and lays on the ground (at night mind you,) and realizes he does not fit.

Molly drives back to the house, scale the fence in a sequined skirt and 3 inch heels, and shimmies through the doggie door (she is itty bitty) and unlocks the door.

Good heavens.

By the time we get to my friend Suzan and Walker's party, I make a quick beeline for the bar.

Suzan and Walker live in one of the beautiful mansions in downtown Macon. She and her husband are some of the nicest people I have ever met. I met the couple at the museum, they are big patrons of ours. She throws these legendary fancypants parties at New Year's each year, complete with DJ, open bar, and tons of food!

Needless to say, I drank entirely too much wine and of course, the champagne was flowing at midnight. We danced most of the night and had a fantastic time!

Our friend Josephine and her husband Gordon drove us back to Molly's and we cuddled up for the last night of the year.

Lots of driving today back to Albany to pick up his daughter and her new dog and reintroduce their pack to each other at the farm.

Okay, so the first day of the year is a little shaky (slight hangover) but other than that, everything is lovely. I'm snuggled up at the cabin, dressed in sweats, with my SG curled under the blanket and his dog snuggled at my feet. Not a bad start at all.

Now to just kick this headache. ;-)

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Wendy Allen said...

OOOO WOW!!! What a story!! What a night!!! I've been through a doggie door, I'll have to share that story with you in private!!
Well, here's to 2016 and to SG for going "the extra mile", as it were!!


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