Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Bone Crushing or Bone Chilling?

I'm cold. Like really, really cold.

But wait... we need the daily meditation.

Just enough guidance to let you know you are never alone. 

Okay. God is with me as I try to stay warm.

Honestly, I shouldn't complain. There are thousands of people out there sleeping under bridges, on the stoops of buildings, and in tent cities. But because I live in a house without central heat, I feel like I have a right to complain.

But I'm soooo cold.

Which leads to another problem - My joints. I'm also extremely achy, a new side effect of being in your 40s. First comes wisdom, second comes joint pain. And what is up with this knee pain I have? Ouch to the 10th degree.

I made the mistake of twisting my leg while wearing two inch booted heels on Thanksgiving. My knee has yet to recover. Honestly, I was not doing a whole lot to help it. My latest hopeful fix consists of buying this:

Glucosamine Chondroitin.
Yes, I'm trying everything. I keep it elevated while sitting (if I can,) I'm wearing a compression sleeve during the day, I take Motrin from time to time, I have yet to give up my heels, but rest assure, I ordered new shoes and they are about to arrive, and I rub Tiger Balm on it.

I'm not icing it like many have suggested. For two reasons - One, there is zero swelling, and two- see my first complaint above.

What do you do for achy bones? Stretched out tendons & ligaments? Would love to hear from you!

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