Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Kicking It Off Right!

January has been one busy little beast of a month. So much happening, and to top it off, we are all drenched and freezing!

With that being said, I was sort of relaxing here, enjoying the endorphins from a kick ass workout, and realizing that yes, things do seem to be coming at me extra fast, but for the most part, I am checking them off the list.. one... by... one.

For instance, in this month alone (thus far,) I had 8 freelance writing articles due for two different publications. It's only the 19th. I'm getting stuff accomplished at the museum. Our Annual Meeting is Tuesday night, I joined a new board and had my training, and now I am getting ready to help promote Georgia Arts Day through the Georgia Arts Network (I'm on that board too!) Somehow, I have managed to maintain my long distance relationship, stay in touch with friends, AND make time for the gym. That's right - I did 5.8 miles on the bike today! Boom and done.

I don't call myself Wonder Woman for nuthin'.

Staying focused and getting everything in order for the year has been on my agenda. I would have written more, but I have been busy trying to pull off this thing called life, and it is taking my down time away. (Not to forget, I've gotten back to reading more than watching tv!)

What type of things have you been filling your January with?

1 comment:

to be continued... said...

woop! woop! congratulations on the mileage, Wonder Woman!!


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