Sunday, January 3, 2016

That Blank Slate

I'm sitting here on the front porch swing at the cabin. I see a beautiful clear pond, the wind is cool, the crow is squawking, there is a knocking sound, perhaps a Wood pecker, and the border collie, Gypsy, is standing watch on the pier. Yes. These things are real.
Sometimes I look at my life and wonder how this all worked out? I think what I am trying to say is... I feel such incredible gratitude to God, the universe, whatever good Karma I have apparently stored up. I feel an amazing amount of peace in my life. Something that I have searched for, it seems, my entire life. No, things are not perfect. There are many, many holes that need to be filled, but those things are fixable, it just takes time and patience. All I can do is what I can do, and for that, I have peace. 

2016 has been shaping up to be another year of great change. We had a few kinks to work out on the 2nd, dog #3 (and I sincerely cannot believe this,) but the 3rd shelter dog completely attacked SG's oldest girl's bird dog. Guess what we had to do? That's right, return the dog. 

It almost feels like 3 strikes you are out. It almost seems impossible to find a good pick. We went with a breeder - angry dog. Went to a foster - angry dog. Went to the shelter - angry dog. Look - I've been adopting animals for years, always a rescue, NEVER had any problems. SG's dogs are awesome and well trained. It simply does not add up. 

That's a kink and it is totally fixable. 

January 1st, I unfortunately had to nurse a pretty bad hangover. I drank an enormous amount of wine and champagne on New Years. Had a serious blast at a truly magnificent party at a friend's house. SG and I also enjoyed spending a little time together, away from other people. It really has been the best of both worlds. 

I guess I am sort of at in a quandary. What to do? I have several books saved up to read. Currently reading an exciting Clive Cussler book called, "Plague Ship." It reads like an action adventure movie. Sort of mindless entertainment. I'm also still working on my A Year of Mercy. Though I must admit, I have sort of taken a break post advent. I'll get back to it. Now that I have a laptop, I can reinstall my Rosetta Stone and even save my photos without having to post everything on FB. 

*sigh* It's all very nice and peaceful. 

I'm still nursing my poor knee back to health. Not sure if I shared this, but I wore some high heel boots on Thanksgiving and made the mistake of walking from the main house to the cabin, and I do believe as I was going down the hill, I pulled something. Well, I did not do a good job of treating it, and one month later, I'm paying for it. I need to get back in the gym, but man oh man. 

I also went so far as to buy a mouth guard. Yes, you are looking at a class A teeth clincher. I know I am wearing down my enamel and having so many problems with my teeth. So I have decided to finally take my dentist and ENT's advice and buy one of these babies. I slept in it last night, but not without a few pangs of discomfort. I told SG, it's simply not going to work. He laughed and said, I could have told you that you would not end up wearing it. I stopped. I looked at him, and I put it back in my mouth and went to bed. (It was expensive.)

Yep, reverse psychology apparently works on me. *smh*

Well, I am fresh out of topics for you guys today, just wanted to randomly throw down my thoughts for the new year. It's a blank slate. No real plans. Hell, not even any plans for today. Just tons of relaxation and tiny bits of self healing. 

How is your year shaping up?

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