Tuesday, December 30, 2014

F You 2014

"Free at last, free at last... thank God almighty... I am free at last..."

At least that is what I assume I will be saying on New Year's Day. 

And yes.. it can't get here fast enough.

All together now...


Mamma Mia... it was terrible. I think I have sugar coated it enough for the masses. I am sooooooo glad it is closing out quite nicely. I have nothing but immense possibility!

I have spent the past four days incredibly sick. Worst. Stomach. Virus. Ever. I sort of isolated myself from friends and family and decided to just suffer through it. Here I sit, taking a lunch break at work, and waiting for the hours to past until I head out! Today is a good one, since I will be driving southward to visit my beau. We are staying at his cabin tonight and getting up and heading to his beach house in Florida on the Gulf of Mexico tomorrow. 

Much needed. 

I want to decompress. I want to get away. I want to just be. 

My hope is to ring in the New Year with a new attitude and pray, for God's sake, that 2015 goes a little easier on me. 

I have nothing but possibility to ahead.

I wish each of you who actually read my blog a very Happy New Year! Next year... I'll share more. 

I promise. ;-)

1 comment:

Robyn Burke said...

Happy New Year! Yes, i hope 2015 is much much better!!


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