Monday, December 15, 2014

Starting Over

How often do you stop to reevaluate where you are going? 
I try to do a temperature check on my life from time to time, and writing helps me figure out where I am and where I want to go.

I never intended to move back home... ever. 

I often think my father sharing his stories of life overseas sort of opened my eyes to a whole big, wide world out there. I read a lot of books growing up. I watched a lot of movies and documentaries. I knew in high school, if given even half the chance I would move away, even to another country, just to live a new life. 

As soon as I got a chance to leave, I did. I loved it. I wasn't planning on staying there even, I wanted to keep going - that was part of the attraction to the egyptian. I wanted to be with someone not attached to any particular city, and was willing to go anywhere and just take a chance. 

But life had a sense of humor and brought me home. The trip has been an interesting transition. I found my life back into the very community I turned my back on. The funny thing, the folks who were here all along opened their arms up to me and welcomed me back. There were a bunch of new cast of characters, eager to make a name for themselves, which is always easy in a small pond. Try moving to a new state, a much bigger city and doing it? ;-) 

As I sat at a tea party last night and listened to the women go around the table introducing themselves, especially the ones who claimed to "love" our community, I noticed were not actually originally from our community. I, along with maybe one other, were the only true natives to Macon. I listened to chatter, the talk of progress, and it was refreshing. 

I am happy people have moved here and found their home. It's a good place to grow up. I know, I did it.

But I am I here for the long haul? Am I starting to itch to move on?

Obviously not any time soon (I have a fantastic new job and I want to accomplish some real goals there,) but what is next? 

I love that I have been able to live in several communities, or work in several communities and establish myself among the people who really make things happen. I could move back to Birmingham pick up right where I left off. I could move to Huntsville, Montgomery, Mobile, Pensacola, Milledgeville.. any of these communities I spent a large amount of time in and just make things happen. But what else is out there for me?

I have an opportunity to grow many skills at my current job. I also have a wonderful opportunity to explore new communities down the road. I do have a new beau who lives near Columbus and Albany... which means there are always wonderful options to expand my network. 

There are ideas around exploring new areas of interests. My writing assignments from a freelance stand point keep growing. I want to continue to explore photography. I want to take some time and just be... me. 

I also want to watch my museum grow its membership, tell its story, and become a place that the next generation would like to support. 

I have some ideas... and I have a fresh start now.

As my guy and I were just discussing on the phone earlier, we are just in a "temporary" spaces. We are both rebuilding after divorce, and we have so much life ahead of us. 

Best part? It's all good. 

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