Monday, January 5, 2015

Word of the Year - Focus

Another year! 2015 has already started out strong! With that, you know my dear friend, Leanne, at From Chaos Comes Happiness always encourages us to choose a word - one that you will explore and live up to for 365 days. 

I just got back from a mini vacation with my Sweet Guy. As we were driving back from the beach, I turned to him and explained how I was sort of "over" everything. I mentioned that I did not feel like being a fake cheerleader and that the kool-aid did not taste authentic to me. He did the best thing he could have, he double clicked on some of my statements. 

What it boiled down to was that I just don't care about the things I once did. It is not that these things aren't important, it is just that I don't feel the need to be the one to make these changes happen. I don't have to say yes to every committee, or even every board request. I can pick one or two projects within my community and concentrate on quality versus quantity. Which lead me to the word balance. 

However, I've used balance before. 

What then happened was a personal epiphany - what I really need to do is focus. Focus on what my  goals are. Create a life worth living. 

The rest... it will reveal itself in time.

With that - I have a plan A and plan B for 2015. I know when I need to shift course (at the point in time,) and I know what I need to do to strike that personal/professional balance and that answer is simply to FOCUS. 

Happy 2015, my blog reader friends! I hope you have a healthy and happy January. Stay warm and I'll write more soon!

1 comment:

Hoosier Chick said...

Amen on Focus! I want to be intentional. Not let time slip away while working. Not let other people think they can make my decisions. To be the determining factor in what I do!


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