Wednesday, December 3, 2014

City Sidewalks, Busy Sidewalks

It's the most WONDERFUL time of year! 

Finally, December is here and I could not be happier! Though 2014 tried to stick it to me, it seems to be ending in grand style. 

Not only is it the month of gift giving and good cheer, it is also the month of Advent. In the Catholic Church, Advent is the time before Christmas where we prepare for the birth of Jesus. It is all about a new kind of hope and promises being kept. That's what I like about tradition - you know what to expect, and you typically keep your promises.

Unfortunately, I have not put up a Christmas tree yet, but I do believe this weekend may be the perfect time to do it. But first - I actually have to get one, and not only one for my house, but one for the Cannonball House. (It's like I have two households to attend to these days!) 

My Thanksgiving was really peaceful. I spent the afternoon with my family out at their house and indulged in all of the good stuff there. Brought my niece back home with me and had a fairly awesome time with her. The next day I went in to work, and then drove down to Preston, Georgia to see.. wait for it.. wait for it.. my boyfriend. I suppose I need to come up with a good nickname for him for the blog.. maybe in time it will reveal itself! 

We spent the weekend at a fishing cabin he and his father (and the rest of the family) built. It is situated on this picturesque little pond on their 400+ acre farm. Beautiful peace of land! We had such a relaxing weekend - we went Christmas tree shopping, saw the 3rd installation of the Hunger Games, and then had a very romantic evening in the cabin with candles, wine, the works. Life is looking pretty spectacular these days.

Work is good, personal life is good - so I guess my little pie chart of life is fairly full right now. I think I'm going to savor it... and enjoy this holiday season!

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