Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Where Have I Been?

Life was meant to be lived. Lord knows, I am trying. 
You may or may not remember earlier this year some of the promises I made myself. 
1. Was to spend more time with the people who mean the most to me.
2. Drink more wine.
3. Have more fun.

Though I always try to have a blast, I've been working hard on a few of those things. For one, I found myself over the past year spending time with people I  have to. Not anymore. I am spending time with people that strike a cord with my heart.

Also, I realized that I needed more wine in my life. Granted, this is more of a tongue-in-cheek statement, but some friends of mine and I started a little "Wine Club."

Finally, I am trying to just enjoy life.. 2014 has sort of stuck it to me. ;-) It is okay, I am looking forward to wrapping the year up.

With that being said - here is a little of what I have been up to:

Wine club. I guess I really need to call it weekly therapy with people I adore.

Lunch with two fellow writers/PR gurus/freelancers at our favorite spot - Roasted.

Looking a little diva-licous with my fellow Studio 54 caravanners

My dear friends Scott & Bill - ready for the Studio 54 party

SEC football time- Roll Tide!

Lunch with my family - Dad, Mom, and Heather

A little Wine Club time...

Yep - a little lunch with Autumn and the egyptian. We are still friends.

What is a Studio 54 party without a little nose candy? It's a joke.. I promise..

Have you ever had one of these? You should. The only place you can get them around here is at Ocmulgee Traders.

70's fabulous for the Studio 54 party

An ACTUAL moscato from the actual region.

Have you jumped on the growler bandwagon yet?

Me with Autumn.

My dear friend Tonya and I at the Studio 54 party to benefit the Macon Arts Alliance

Yep.. that's how hot it gets.. feels.. etc..

Charter members of wine club - aka - therapy - aka an excuse to get together

Love these guys - Derek and Brent

Cake pop! Disco ballish!

Derek & Lynn

Game day grub - we fry it up down here

A house divided. lol

More game day shenanigans

Lauren, Scott, and me!

Mid week dinner with Derek, Lynn & Brent

Remember these? Labor Day weekend fun

I made a new friend - Lynn's niece.

Dallas & Chris - Studio 54

Spent Labor Day weekend in Alabama with Lynn's family. Her brother & sister-in-law

More 70s awesomeness - Andre and Stephanie

I took a quick day trip to my college campus! Georgia College & State University - in Milledgeville, GA. We are celebrating 125 years!

Lynn & Molly!

Brent & I at wine club

Finally - Me at High Falls!
 I also want to thank each of you for five incredible years on this blog. Yes, the writing is suffering a bit - but don't worry, I am sorting it all out.

Have a fantastic September - we know how I feel about this month. ;-)

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