Monday, September 29, 2014

And So It Ends.. or Begins?

Well one of my journeys has run its course. Another chapter has closed, and I am left to figure things out again.

That's right, my position, though recently cut from full time to part time (for the past two months) with the museum has been cut completely. 

And that's how the cookie crumbles.

I could sit here and pound out all of the things I think they should have cut, or done better, or whatever, but what would that accomplish?

The truth is - I loved the art. I enjoyed the history. I had a blast at the events, and to be perfectly honest, it gave me an opportunity to reestablish myself in my home town.

There is one glaring fact though - I might need to completely back away from non-profits. With this economy, it is incredibly hard to be self sustaining, and it seems positions are cuts, repositioned, or you are told your skills are of no use at this point in time (a little too often.) I've seen friends at other nonprofits experience the same hardship. Over and over and over...

Not to worry my friends, I have some great contract work (freelancing) with some organizations. My little "working for myself" is going to keep me afloat. Of course, now my level of fun will have to be contained, but I will be fine for now. 

I did have a really great interview with a local health system recently. Made it through the one on one and the panel. I have another with a historic house here in town on the 11th. I'll keep shooting out resumes, and if I don't land anything around here by December, it may be time for me to head out again.

Yes, I would like to just settle with one company for a bit. I need some normalcy. But in the meantime, I am just gliding through, and waiting to see what God has up his sleeve for me!


Ann Bennett said...

From life experiences, when the choice was made for me by forces outside my control, it was a new part of my life that unfolds. Unplanned but rewarding in its being. Take care kid. Ann

Ann Bennett said...

Forgot to say - go to the doctor. Waiting for insurance is for the birds. Take care of yourself.


That's the thing about this new economy, you have to be flexible and roll with the punches. Nothing is certain anymore - especially jobs. It used to be that freelancing and self employment was looked on as risky. Now you can lose a full time job as easily as a freelancer can be dropped by a client.
Another sad thing is that increasingly nonprofits have taken on some of the worst qualities of for-profit companies. Now non-profit increasingly look upon their employees as dispensable resources, while executives reward themselves with out of size compensation packages. (Jut take a look at the recent turmoil with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.)


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