Thursday, September 25, 2014

It's Going To Be A Challenge

You know those days that you wake up to, and after careful review of what is coming up, you know it will be a great challenge?

I am about to embark on one of those days.

It's funny how the universe sort of unfolds and reveals what it needs to show you, especially if you stop long enough to contemplate what it is you need. I often pray to God for a sign, some sort of pause, or even a solution I did not think of - and though the outcome sort of leaves me confused, I figure out very quickly that it was just what I needed.

Today, I do believe, is going to be one of those days.

I would like to say I have a little peace about it. If what I think is about to happen is something I have actually sort of looked forward to, but then again, I could be wrong. (I often am.)

2014 has really been a year of tying up loose ends and learning to let go of things not meant for me. I feel like I have been on one great big transition roller coaster, and unfortunately, due to the public nature of my job and lack of anonymity in a more tightly knit community, I have been unable to share with you guys as much as I used to back when I lived in Birmingham. Which in turn makes my writing very cryptic and emotionally topsy turvy. Perhaps, soon, I will be able to divulge all.

With that being said, I am preparing myself for a potentially emotionally draining day. It won't be the first of its kind, but it is definitely never easy. Then again, my signals could be crossed and its not what I expected at all.

As for what's been going on with me outside of this cryptic post - just lots of good times with friends, covering some fascinating stories for local publications, and trying very hard to eat a bit more healthily (again.) It's all a process, right?

Wine club was a huge success again. My little group of besties are so much fun. We officially consist of two guys and me and my roomie. From time to time, other people join us. This week we were laughing hysterically at some text messages one of our people was receiving from a girl who is pretty much turning into a massive stalker situation - complete with pics of her in her underwear. LOL WOW. We were all laughing at how consistently this girl kept texting this poor guy, and he was barely responding. She is just not getting the hint. Soooo sad.

My pottery/clay class ends tonight. Thank goodness. It was not as much fun as I had hoped. I am terrible at it. At least I gave it a try. I need to stick to what I am good at - dancing. ;-)

Alright my favorite peeps... have a fantastic day. I'm going to try to pull it together enough to rise above whatever challenges face me. I only have a few more days in the God forsaken month. Today the shoe may fall and give me that REALLY bad thing.. but that's okay. I'm ready. And sometimes.. adversity actually brings us opportunity.


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