Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Remember September?

Oh bloody hell.
August is ending.

The doom & gloom started last night when my tooth cracked. Yep. Just three weeks after my dental insurance ended. (Thank you powers that be.)

Of course I rushed right out and bought one of those emergency tooth kits. No, a $1400 crown is not possible at this time, so it is cement city for me..... at least until I get dental insurance and a full time job, or a really wealthy husband.. lol..

I guess we can add losing my mind to the list.

Yes, my dear friends, September is the unluckiest month of all for me. Typically really bad things happen to me, and Lord knows, I pray that I come out fairly unscathed. But who am I kidding?

**just hit the search button above with the word September or bad luck and read all of the stories from the past few years.

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