Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My Love Affair with Autumn

Picture I took back in Birmingham at the Pepper Place Farmer's Market
Do you remember the first time you fell in love with a season? I mean, seriously took note of how the earth transformed, and felt how marvelous this transition was?

I do. I was probably 9.

It was probably in late September or early October, and it was an unseasonably (for down here,) cool afternoon. I remember sitting on the cold metal staircase outside my apartment complex, just relaxing and listening to the wind. I assume no one could come out to play, and apparently I did not want to sit in the house. Actually, I never liked sitting in the house. If I have a choice to go outside or sit inside - I always choose the out-of-doors.

What I saw that day would forever change my life. The trees were swaying too and fro, and the wind was so strong that I remember my long, brown hair getting wrapped around my face and stinging my eyes. Once I was able to fully remove the strands from my face, I watched as hundreds of black birds flew in perfect formation over our home. I do not believe I had ever seen as many birds before or since. What surprises me, to this day, was how it affected me. I remember tears welling up in my eyes as I watched this marvelous natural occurrence.. my little world transition; I was simply blown away. 

Whenever I look back on Fall or Autumn (whichever way you like to call it,) I remember that day. I can still smell the dead leaves- that crispy, balsam-like, sweet scent. I remember the sounds of the "kaw kaw kaw" of the black birds, and the way the wind rushed past my ears making that "air thru a tunnel" sound you are familiar with at the beach. I remember how the sun hid behind the clouds, and how for the first time in many, many months, I needed a jacket. This feeling.. these memories.. that is when my love affair with Autumn began.

I can tell it is trying to make an appearance down here. My little herb garden has all but dried up for the season. My flowers are no longer blooming. I even have a slight cough (ragweed season,) and I feel a little bit chillier each morning. Of course, it is hot as hades down here, but just before the day really gets going, and right before I go to bed, it is comfortable again. This feeling is what I yearn for.

I have plans this holiday season. Plans to not only watch as the earth transitions, but to allow myself to transition along with it. I will probably know where my next full time job will be, and if not, it is a sign to move on again. So many good things will happen this season, and I welcome it with open arms - and a pumpkin spice latte. ;-)

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