Saturday, September 20, 2014

Things I Have Learned This Week

1. There are things I still want out of life. I'm 41, it is important I recognize what my needs are, and do everything within my power to provide the life I have always dreamed of. It is within me, I just need to remember that.

2. I keep making promises to myself about my weight. I keep breaking those promises. I need to hold myself accountable and makes some changes. Maybe this time.. maybe.

3. I'm not always good at reading the signals. Many times I misinterpret what is actually happening. I need to be more patient with myself. Actions speak louder than words.

4. I'm ready to purge items from my home. I just want to turn a new leaf. Maybe a complete purge is necessary to move forward.

5. I spent some much needed time with myself today. I attended a delicious brunch with friends, took myself book shopping and jewelry shopping. I feel so much better.

6. My ex husband and I have put some distance between ourselves - so those loose ends are all tied up. My ex boyfriend moved back to his hometown in Florida - so those loose ends are all tied up. Plus I know where I stand with everyone else, so really, my personal life is officially a blank slate. I think I am ready to move forward.

7. My health, my happiness, my ability to feel content - I think these are my goals at this point in time. I am making some changes in order to feel my best and be my best.

8. I need to set some boundaries with some people in my life. I think if I don't, things could end badly.

9. After taking a few weeks of a pottery/clay class.. um.. an artist I am not. ;-)

10. Finally, it is Saturday night. I could have gone out. I could have attended two different events. I chose to stay home. Yep.

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