Friday, January 3, 2014

To Feel Good

One practice that I picked up in 2013 is to stop complaining. Stop blaming. Stop allowing myself to "feel bad."

Ever notice how when you spend any amount of time with someone who does something you are trying so hard to break, it just sort of solidifies why you should stop?

I have some people who are close to me that are addicted to complaining. Listening to them moan and groan about their aches and pains, their financial difficulties, their relationship issues, or whatever the case may be can put a strain and a drain on any relationship. 

Of course, listening to a friend in need is very important. You have to be able to share your problems with someone who is willing to listen. But we all need to try a little harder to let go of that addictive need to constantly tell people our problems. We have to stop dwelling. We have to push forward.

I realize that when I lost my job, moved home, and my husband moved away that I was constantly talking about how bleak things looked. I know this, and I wish I could take it all back. A few of my closest friends quit even hanging out with me, especially when I needed them most, and that hurt. However, there were a few that clung to me and wanted to be there for me (however, looking back, they suddenly disappeared when things got better for me.)

It's interesting to see the different types of relationships people have with one another. One is a fair weather friend, while the other is codependent (always wanting to fix you or be your savior.) I like the friends that can weather the storm and celebrate the transitions - those are the keepers.

I am now addicted to feeling good. To thinking positive thoughts, remaining hopeful, and standing strong. I think we all need to work on fueling our minds and bodies with more good - less grumbling. 

Perhaps today we can start by not falling into that "grumble mode." Perhaps when someone grumbles to us, we simply smile and not fall into the clutches of "misery loves company." 

I hope today you find some way to stay positive!


Leanne said...

It's so easy to fall into the grumble. . . especially when feeling it surrounds you. I, too, am trying to not fall into that trap. The thought I try to remind myself of often, is that each and every day it is MY choice as to how I want to live my life, just as it is the Debbie Downers in my life choice, too. I am also trying to do quick little moments of meditation when I feel the blood pressure rise - just focusing on my breathing sort of stops the crankiness from coming in. Thinking of you, dear!

Robyn Burke said...

amen Nicole. The more time I spend with one of my relatives, it only serves to reinforce my firm desire to NOT become like that! We have the power to CHOOSE happiness and joy. I'm reaching for it with both hands. Happy New Year!!


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