Friday, January 24, 2014

Soon I'll Breathe Again..

I find myself being way more protective of my time and energy these days.

Take for instance - work. I have a HUGE event this Sunday, one where we welcome a Grammy Nominated artist and this year's NAACP's Image Award nominee, and I find myself focusing on making this the best event to date. I'm not allowing the small fires to consume me or to consume those around me. I am checking off my to-do list as if I were preparing to go into battle. This. Will. Be. Successful. 

I am also looking at my relationships. I took a moment and realized I was too caught up again - too caught up in trying to make something work with someone else, and I noticed I was not getting what I needed out of the relationship. I'm not sure where it is going, or what I am going to do, but I realize there are some red flags and I am super protective of myself. I will not be taken advantage of financially. I will not allow someone to argue with me over petty things. I'm worth more than that. Again - the protective bubble.

I also realized I am not spending enough quality time with my good friends. I made a conscience effort to check in with people I am closest too, and I realized they are all battling their own little wars. It's hard.. this life thing... but we have to keep pushing through.

I'm proud to say I made it through the week with a TERRIBLE cold. I went to work every day, got kick ass media coverage on our event, and I am pushing through for the end result!

I have also planned an amazing 41st birthday party for myself. (You know me, want to get anything done right, you've got to do it yourself.) I've invited a ton of friends down to Savannah for my birthday weekend. So far, two of my co workers are coming down, one of my friends from Birmingham, two cousins from Ohio, possibly my roomie, and there are some who say they are going but will know more in February. 

Big Guy is not sure he can get that weekend off. :-(

Blech. That's okay... making the best of it. 

I have been a little slow catching up with everyone - it's been a long, busy week for me. More good posts will be coming around the corner. 

I'm sure I'll have tons of great pics from the event Saturday! I'm excited about meeting the artist. 
Hopefully, I'll be sitting pretty at the end of the night - just like the photo above. 

Until then... 

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