Monday, January 13, 2014

Living In The Now

“What day is it?"
It's today," squeaked Piglet. "My favorite day," said Pooh.” ― A.A. Milne

It's Monday morning, and the first question I am typically asked at work is, "Did you have a good weekend?"

We all ask this question of each other. After the - "Oh Yes!" Or the.. "Girl... You won't believe what happened," stories erupt.

We all become a storyteller on Monday morning.

I watch all week as we slave away at whatever it is that we do for a living, and then we anxiously await that final hour at work before we toss our stress aside and scurry for the door. It's as if we were just released from prison and are in need of a weekend away.

There is a lot of pressure to soak up every ounce of good in those 48+ hours. We try to see as many friends as possible, or visit with family, or shop, or eat out.. or we do the exact opposite, we attempt to do absolutely nothing.

As far as weekend go, I believe I had a successful one. I had equal parts good times mixed with relaxation. Friday night, my boyfriend and I went to a local bar across the street from our homes called, "The Dawg House." We went to watch a good high school friend of mine, Keith Patterson, perform. Big Guy was thrilled to find a bar so close to our homes that had so many pool tables. He played a few rounds with some people and we made some new acquaintances. He even joined a billiard league, which will be a great way for him to meet some new people. (He's from Tallahassee, and has only lived around here 6 months.) Later, we ran into two friends of mine and enjoyed a few laughs.

Saturday morning, I slept in and read my book, "Mob Daughter," by Karen Gravano. You know I am a huge Mafia Wives fan, and her book, though not the best written, is an interesting look at what it is like to group up in that environment. Finally, after snoozing a bit, and battling a horrific storm, I made my way to Attaway Cottage and had my lifelong friend, Dana, (who happens to be my hairdresser,) cut and color away. :-) I think we may have made a slight mistake. Normally, I get my eyebrows waxed after I get my hair colored, this time, the other girl in the place went ahead and did my eyebrows. THEN we ended up coloring my hair, which we always color the eyebrows also (since, yes, we even get gray there.) Can we say, "Feel the burn?" That was some sensitive skin that had just lost a layer to be putting chemicals on. I survived it, but it wasn't easy.

Later I met Big Guy and we headed to my favorite hole in the wall - Polly's La Mesa. He had never eaten there, and it is my absolute FAVORITE Tex Mex spot. If you live in Central Georgia and have never tasted the awesome cheesy goodness of Polly's on Pio Nono Ave.. then I have to insist you go there - NOW.

After lunch we did a bit of shopping. I got new accessories for my dress for "All That Jazz", our biggest fundraiser with the museum. It's in less than two weeks and I have to admit, I'm recycling a dress from 2009. It's okay.. it's only been worn once. ;-)

That night we headed over to my friend, Tonya's house to celebrate her 35th birthday. We had a great time chowing down on wings and drinking margaritas. She had a board game theme, and about 12 of us played "Apples to Apples" and "Taboo." Tons of laughs and good times. I really enjoyed myself.

Sunday, Big Guy and I made a huge southern breakfast, and he laid around as I read my book in bed. Finally we headed to Warner Robins. Before we got there, we stopped by this Flea Market and wandered around. I am not one to think Pit bulls are cute, but there was an adorable gray puppy with blue eyes and I loved on him for a few. After milling about, we popped on over to my friends, Telisa & Daniele's house for grilled steaks and laughs.

At the end of it all - it was a good weekend. We dined, we shopped, we laughed, we visited, and we rested.

Now it's time to head out and push through until the next weekend.

What were some of the highlights of your weekend? Go ahead... be a storyteller.

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