Sunday, November 29, 2009

Too busy to write

I have been one busy girl these days. Unfortunately, writing has not been one of my priorities. Sorry guys!

There is a 3 year old in my home. My niece. She has taken almost all of my attention - besides a new book I read. It was called "Leaves of Hope" and was Christian Fiction. It was okay. It was about a girl from Tyler, Texas - who comes home from her "big city" job in NYC to see her widowed mother to find a HUGE family secret. It takes her across the world to Africa, India and England. Falls in love, finds the "truth" and loose ends tied.

Quick read. Light Hearted.

I am reading another vacation "light read" - Savannah Breeze. A silly book about a 3-times divorcee who falls for the wrong guy and opens a cheap motel on Tybee. Oh yeah - light, light, holiday read.

Next thing to think about - New Year - New Beginnings.

Have you began thinking of these things yet? I am slowly doing so. Work. Personal. Physical. Spiritual. I have some thinking to do. Some changes to make - or rather - some improvements.

Speaking of improvements. I am watching some hideous true-life reality-docu on MTV about the Jersey Shore. Can I say one thing about these girls and guys - GAUDY. Vulgar. Tacky. Yuck. Sorry. Yet - another show proving how tacky this area is - to me.

Okay, I am just babbling.. trying to catch you up while I am on vacay.

I will get serious again, for now - I just want to babble.

Until next time..

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